BenQ iQOR Integrated Operating System, to best achieve the best teaching and clinical records.


iQOR solution is also capable of integrating complex medical procedures, includes medical images, information management system as well as medical equipment through intuitive and intelligent user interface. Therefore, all the relevant personnel can easily control and well-informed throughout the whole operation procedure. In addition, the risk of infection can be minimized as well as enhanced operational efficiency and safety by reducing the number of participants in the operation room with iQOR solution.

By adopting such integrated solution, it is not only meet Clinical Teaching and academic lecture requirements but also acts as the best communication channel for telemedicine due to its intuitive of operation as well as high-accuracy of live signals.


1. The trend of Intelligent Clinical Teaching:instant recording and image streaming


iQOR can provide images with high accuracy in timely fashion that is essential during operation, as well as recording the whole operation images instantly. Through its steady and no latency streaming technology, iQOR is capable of streaming instant images to large conference room or Medical Center that can seamlessly integrate clinical and academic research to meet the needs for clinical teaching and consultation to realize the trend of Intelligent Medical.


2. Optimization resource efficiency to protect safety through system integration and service customization


BenQ Medical has continuously improved and enhanced professionalism, diversity, and integration in the operation room field to provide the total solution through hardware and software integration. Furthermore, customized service can be offered to different hospitals and medical divisions to integrate medical supplies with current procedures seamlessly to achieve resource maximization.


Customized design iQOR can perfectly meet the user’s anticipation of operating room. It is able to integrate medical devices, medical imaging, clinical teaching, remote conference call as well as PACS / HIS health information system into a complete operating room control scheme in order to offer an efficient and safer medical environment.



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