National Taiwan University Hospital-The Future Emergency Department: A Comprehensive Strategy to Improve overcrowding at Casualty Department with AI.


In global health care industry, most of hospitals are continuous facing overwhelming loading in their emergency department in recent years.  Researches from Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and other countries also pointed out that the overloading of emergency treatment affect its service with special severity.


MOST JOINT RESEARCH CENTER FOR AI TECHNOLOGY AND ALL VISTA HEALTHCARE  cooperated with the emergency department of National Taiwan University Hospital and ASUS to establish a model space for smart emergency treatments for  Taiwan benchmark hospital, by adopting artificial intelligence technology in emergency process.

Capstone project aims at five research topic including electric damage triage, medical history analysis, immediate danger recognition and triage, speedy discharge safely, pre-evaluation and treatment recommendation for cardiac arrest. We expect the project not only to provide patients the advanced and precise medical treatments, but to increase patients’ survival rate. Furthermore, NTUH could maximize the utilization of medical resource efficiently.




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