Combining Skin Analysis Function based on AI technology, our platform helping you “Increasing Users’ Satisfaction and Business Revenue”



Suitable for Dermatology/Beauty Clinic, Skin Care Product company, Direct Sales Company, as well as the Beauty SPA Chain Store


Face Skin Quality Analysis

Take a selfie and analyze your skin by 'AI' tech. Analysis categories include Pore, Spot, Color Uniformity, Winkle/Fine Wrinkle, Skin Smoothness, and Dark Circle. The analysis results trigger users to look for solutions for a better skin and combine intelligent product suggestion bringing you the best selling result.


Integrating the analysis result with Suggestions and Imbedded Promotion. It provides you the complete Solutions of App and Backend:


  • Branding: Your own app. Connecting with your customers directly and always.
  • Powerful Marketing:● Blog articles with imbedded promotion, ●Push specific message to target group, ●Your own ecommerce and coupon system.
  • Remote Consultation Tools: It is useful especially during the COVID-19 . Furthermore, integrating the Electronic Medical (or customer information) Record with the Smart Typing bring you high effectiveness.
  • Productivity enhancement: For example, Put your tutorial video in the app and your customers can view them at anytime and anywhere.
  • Big Data of your customer information: Optimize your strategies and actions


 Valuable functions for the user side make your users sticking with you:


  • High performance Skin Analysis function. Useful information such as local weather, air pollution, UV, and sunburnt time calculation.
  • trustable blog articles and the free weekly skin care enhancement plans
  • Take care of your skin from all aspects. For example, the step counter & water drinking reminders combine with game and incentive, and much more.




 Look for: 

Clinic, Shop & Center (Taiwan). Agents and Technical License.


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