Thermal infrared and visual stereo computer vision recognition solution


Thermal infrared and visual stereo computer vision recognition solution
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Since the start of early 2020, at least 850,000 people worldwide have died of the COVID-19 disease and more than 25 million cases have been confirmed. After the epidemic broke out in China in December last year, it has now spread to 196 countries and regions. However, the above figures only reflect a part of the actual total number of infections, because most countries only collect symptoms or the most severe cases, and only a few countries For example, South Korea, Singapore, Germany and Iceland have implemented general screening and adopted more "proactive" epidemic prevention strategies. In view of the high cost of full implementation of general screening, taking Taiwan as an example, if the entire population of Taiwan’s 23 million people are screened uniformly, the cost of rapid screening will be 4.6 billion, and the cost of general screening will be as high as 69 billion, and the existing ones cannot be effectively used. Therefore, other methods should be adopted to monitor the changes of the epidemic on a large scale. This is the original intention of this plan. NexRetail hopes to use AI artificial intelligence to contribute to the epidemic prevention and design a combination of "biological Image recognition + body temperature sensing + mask recognition" thermal imaging camera technology, generally high-end anti-epidemic thermal imaging camera costs about 150,000 to 250,000 Taiwan dollars, used in airports, customs, department stores, etc., small shops, restaurants are difficult Bear such a price.

NexRetail provides the latest AI image recognition technology to greatly reduce the cost of high-end anti-epidemic thermal imaging technology to the original one in 10, and has a built-in image processing chip that can process images at the terminal and achieve USB Type-C plug-and-play. Users can use computers, tablets, screens, mobile phones, and KIOS devices on their own, greatly reducing the burden on shops, restaurants, and hospitals.


Epidemic Prevention Advantage:
1. Type C connector, plug and play.
2. Price advantage, the cost is only 1/10 of the market price
3. Measuring distance up to 15 meters away
4. Social distance monitoring
5. Instant cloud data integration

Collaboration Options:Technology authorization, Investment Cooperation, R & D cooperation, Equipment system import