ASM series surgical monitor


ASM series surgical monitor
ADLINK Technology, Inc.

Clinical imaging modalities are essential tools in the healthcare arena and are mandatory within the surgical field. It is similarly important for physicians to see pristine images in high quality as it is for the safety that the medical devices offer a maximum in terms of hygiene. The medically certified ASM Series surgical monitor offers hygienic design and pristine images for better intensive care.

The hygienic design of ASM series prevents the spread of infection: Allow for easy cleaning by medical care teams after use, prevent bacterial growth in cracks, and shorten operating room turnover time. The hygienic design includes a screwless, fully-sealed housing, edge-to-edge touch panel (no frame), on-screen buttons (no physical buttons), antibacterial surface coating, and IP54 protection.


Epidemic Prevention Advantage:
Operating room terminals built with hygienically-designed medical PCs can help healthcare facilities battle the spread of infectious diseases. ASM series surgical monitors can help reduce OR processing time and shorten operating room turnover time.
1. Aluminum housing without screws: Common cleaning products can be used, and there are no screw holes to clean.
2. Edge-to-edge protective glass: There are no locations around the glass for bacteria to grow.
3. On-screen buttons: No sites are vulnerable to bacteria growth.
4. Completely sealed fanless design: Enhanced PC reliability since dust and microorganisms cannot get inside.

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