Maelstrom 9600 Nucleic Acid Extractor


Maelstrom 9600 Nucleic Acid Extractor
Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc.

With the patented technology which can improve the mixing efficiency of magnetic beads and increase the processing sample volume, M9600 has become one of the most competitive automated DNA/RNA extraction instrument. M9600 can process 96 samples per run, which is relatively rare in the market. Combing TANBead extraction reagents, our system is highly affirmed by many medical institutions. We have Eurofins、NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH using our system. During the pandemic of COVID-19, Taiwan’s outstanding epidemic prevention results are appreciated by countries around the world. TANBead provides automated extraction instruments and reagents with excellent performance and quality, which can contribute to COVID-19 inspection and epidemic control.


Epidemic Prevention Advantage:
1. Can process 96 samples per run to reduce manpower needed
2. Patented magnetic beads mixing technology to improve mixing efficiency
3. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination caused by aerosol generation
4. Extraction for coronavirus only need around 30 minutes
5. Independent temperature control which saves time waiting for temperature rise

Collaboration Options:Dealer、Agent、OEM Project

Contact Person:Frank Wang
Email Address:[email protected]