QVS-96S fully automated detection system


QVS-96S fully automated detection system


QVS-96S, a fully automated detection system developed by TCI GENE, used RT-PCR/qPCR technology with an accuracy rate up to 90%. It speeds up the nucleic acid extraction and reagent dispensing processes with robot arms, is able to handle more than 1,800 specimens per day, and the testing capacity is equivalent to that of 20 testing institutions. With QVS-96S, it can effectively solve the risk of human errors and lack of labor.


Epidemic Prevention Advantage:
1. High Capacity-more than 1,800 samples daily
2. Fully Automated-reduce human error and burden for laboratory technicians
3. Accuracy 90%-qPCR
4. Widely Applicable-as a modular device, can expanded and adjusted according to different needs of detecting other types of RNA

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