Golden Smart Technology Corp.—AI health promotion precision platform


Golden Smart Technology Corp. GSH focuses on health promotion platform called WowGoHealth, providing - AI health promotion precision platform development. Intelligent silver-haired club-solution (RINGOAL), with the support of GSH experts, combined with experts in various fields, such as rehabilitation physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, sports professors, etc., with professional knowledge in various fields, use AiCoach APP to implement professional courses on (RINGOAL)intelligent circular sports equipment, our RINGOAL can now provide exercise programs such as silver-haired people to increase muscle, women to lose weight, office workers to assist sleep, muscle relaxation and other exercise programs.


  1. One platform : WowGoHealth APP.
  2. Two AI robots : GSH has 2 AI robots, one is called AI365which is an auto advice response robot, the other one is called AI Coach which provides personal training course suggestion.
  3. Three smart devices : GSH has 3 product lines of smart devices, the first one is smart medical devices with Bluetooth capability, the second one is smart health kiosk providing public service, the third one is smart exercise machine called RINGOAL providing personal training course.
  4. Four modules : CRM module, social networking module, online shopping module, Wow-point encourage module are GSH's 4 important cloud modules to help customers to have a completed close-loop service.



 Look for: 

Agents/distributors, system integration business negotiation and cooperation.


RINGOAL cooperative negotiation project:

welcome cross-industry alliance/chain franchise, shop-in-shop negotiation ask for cooperation.


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