The thermal imager. quick check. reduce expenses


In the post-epidemic era, besides wearing a mask, measuring body temperature is also indispensable! However, a thermal imager costs 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, which is a lot of expense for enterprises. At this time, other manual measurement methods are often used instead, which increases the labor burden of employees. The thermal imaging is about to solve everyone's worries! Only you spend 1/4 of the price, you can have the thermal imager!


Four advantages of the Miko Drip monitoring system:


  1. AI real-time face temperature rapid test. Using accurate facial recognition to capture the face; with Flir sensor inside, it gives the real-time feedback of high-precision temperature. Using AI judgment to avoid interference from other non-human body temperature heat sources.
  2.  AI independently developed a high-speed thermal image recognition and judgment mechanism, which can quickly finish the temperature rapid test in 0.5 seconds.
  3.  Can provide more than 5-10 human bodies temperature monitoring from the distance of only 2-3 meters.
  4.  Automatically capture high-temperature human body photos and send out alarm to improve the alertness of epidemic prevention and the convenience of reporting.


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