Inventor of creative daily products. Kuonao Ideahouse lanhcues the exclusively researched negative pressure static balance pillow that you won’t want to miss.



According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) survey, 27% of adults worldwide suffer from sleep problems of varying degrees. According to the estimates of the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, the global sleep aid product market is estimated to grow from US$62.5 billion in 2015 to US$84.9 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 5.1%, bed and pillow products are the best sellers amongst this category.  In recent years, "Kuonao Ideahouse" has launched a series of environmentally friendly electricity-free pillow products with innovative designs. Currently, it is actively expanding its business in Japan and Southeast Asia, and has been favored by several well-known Japanese companies. The health care products lines of Kuonao Ideahouse have become the most popular new products. Building on the reputation of 100% Made in Taiwan, Kuonao Ideahouse is expanding internationally, working to become a brand with innovative development focusing on health and beauty.

"Kuonao Ideahouse" is a Taiwanese company specializing in R&D and design with the business philosophy of innovation, pragmatism, diversification and professionalism.
Starting from producing car accessories, new household products, new toys and gifts in the early days, to the current new "health care" products, so far, more than 100 domestic and foreign patents have been obtained, and more than 70 patents have been successfully commercialized. Kuonao Ideahouse is recognized and remembered as an "innovative invention" company by the industry. 

In recent years, Kuonao Ideahouse has introduced a series of environmentally friendly and electricity-free new products with innovative designs, which have been warmly welcomed by the market. There is an eye massager "Power Eyes Series". The design concept is to combine the principles of Chinese acupoint massage with modern technology to simulate the unique anthropomorphic massage performance frequency and cross-cycle massage and can help reduce the fatigue caused by long-term work, study, driving, etc. The ‘uCusion’ of the adjustable seat cushion series on the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award, the electricity-free innovative design can be adjusted with the touch-sensitive adjustment buttons and patented dual-core airbags based on the ergonomic radian, accompanied with the only patented four-stage high and low waist rest positioning adjustment design, this product can adapt to the sitting posture needs of different occupations, providing seamless and complete support of the back and the upholding of the spine, providing comfortability and health even after long period in sedentary. 

The AIQ pillows and uPillow of the "Healthy Sleep Series" also won the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award are also designed to be electricity-free and easy to use. They feature a pressure equalization adjustment positioning valve that can fill the pillows with air or quickly release air in a few seconds when the user is lying down so the user can quickly adjust the height of the pillow; the pillows provide complete support for the body weight when sleeping on the back or side and helps the neck, shoulders, and head to completely relax with the relief of stress to give total comfortability. It is currently the most advanced and personal "environmental protection smart health technology pillow" on the market. 

Kuoano Ideahouse has been developing, improving and upgrading its flagship product – ‘AIQ’, which has been developed, improved and upgraded, in 2021. It uses exclusive negative pressure static balance technology and does not require electricity; it can automatically pump and release air into the pillow. When lying down, the pillow will automatically detect the weight of the head and adjust itself to the most comfortable height for the user, and memorize the user’s preferences. There is an air control button on the side, which provides 16 levels of softness and hardness options to provide comfort regardless of whether the user is sleeping on the back or on the side. The outer cloth cover is made of top-grade Tencel material, the pillow core is made of high-density hydrophilic memory foam, which can completely support the head, shoulders and neck, and the airbag is made of TPU which is a fabric that can adhere to skin contact perfectly to reduce noise generation. The most meticulous care, more than just your best mate but your lover in bed. 

Kuonao Ideahouse was founded in 1973, with dozens of inventions in various fields at home and abroad. Mr Bing-Hong Lin, who is the winner of the second national ‘Model of Entrepreneurship’ award was recruited to run the company as the General Manager. Kuonao Ideahouse is also Taiwan’s first ODM and OBM "R&D, Incubation and Innovation" company.
Over the years, more than 200 counseling projects have been appointed for new products and the design, development, marketing, technology transfer, commercialization, intermediary, cooperation, etc. of various types of products. The invention works of Kuonao Ideahouse have also won many awards such as the Platinum Award at the 2012 and 2019 Taiwan International Invention Award and the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award. In addition to developing private brand products, Kuonao Ideahouse is also actively co-developing (OEM/ODM) creative new products with various industries to achieve a blue ocean market. It plans to transform advanced designs into marketable products at a faster pace and market them to the international market.