Innovation Profile:Precision Therapy that Works for All CAR.BiTE Immunotherapy Strategy against Solid Tumors


Source:Ever Supreme Bio Technology

The Objective of this Innovation: A single pipeline of immunotherapy that can help all cancer patients, despite tumor type and genetic background.

Concept and Methods: The Ever Supreme R&D team develops a CAR strategy for multiple solid tumors, targeting the immune checkpoint HLA-G protein, and present multifaceted immunomodulatory actions. 

Key Achievements: Our CAR.BiTE design with aiming to immune checkpoint protein (ICP) can bring many benefits to switching the tumor microenvironment and increasing the bystander effect of anti-ICP in the local tumor site. This novel approach features the following advantages:

HLA-G targeting CAR for highly specific attack to solid tumors. HLA-G is an immune checkpoint protein (ICP) that is neo-expressed in most tumor cells as a way to evade immune surveillance. The vast contrast between HLA-G expression in solid tumor cells as compared to normal tissues, warrants not only specificity, but most importantly, safety of HLA-G applications as CAR target. Moreover, we design new generation CAR to inhibit simultaneously the immune evasion activity of HLA-G, switching the immunosuppressive effect of the tumor into a microenvironment favorable for immune effector attack.

New Generation CAR.BiTE design that minimizes tumor resistance. 

As tumors are ever evolving to evade immune attack, a tight control on the tumor microenvironment is needed to counteract the development of resistance. We equip new generation CAR with a secretable BiTE moiety, to antagonize tumor derived ICPs and to further attract bystander immune effector cells. Together with the HLA-G targeting CAR, this BiTE strengthens the orchestration of immune modulation, reduces the tumor immunosuppression to minimal scale, thus killing the tumors even when resistance has developed.