Beyond Perfection! PRO.TEAM launches new revolution sports nutrition supplements


Source:PRO. TEAM

In the end of August, the closing ceremony draws 2021 Tokyo Olympic to a perfect end. The record medal haul of Taiwanese athletes has revived and popularized the domestic sports and fitness industry. This promotes the market request about how to choose the right sports supplement for muscle gain and weight loss.

A new revolution of protein supplements, PRO. TEAM Sports Protein Expert, developed by the exclusive technology of PRO. TEAM, emphasizes the balance of amino acids. It is designed with compound protein sources, which works more effective than single protein source. It also provides perfect protein ratio through Precision R&D technology. PRO. TEAM Protein Expert can help solve your fitness problems and meet your nutritional requirements.

PRO. TEAM provides a full range of protein health drinks, with biomedicine and human nutrition as recommended by the research and development team. Through professional biotechnology experience, innovative research, and developed technology, PRO. TEAM developed its high protein product to meet the various needs of protein nutrition for different people. PRO. TEAM developed the "perfect protein" product which requires multiple protein sources. According to the theory from the MIT protein nutrition giant-Vernon Young, who is dedicated in amino acid nutrition ingesting a single source of protein, such as whey protein or soy protein, cannot provide the best support for muscle growth. On the contrary, ingesting a single source of protein causes unnecessary burden on the body! PRO. TEAM Sports Protein Expert" is developed by a professional team from National Taiwan University. The best amino acid ratio of “PRO. TEAM Sports Protein Expert” ideally achieve an ideal amino acid ratio of up to 95% which perfectly provides the required natural proteins for muscle growth. Drinking PRO. TEAM Sports Protein Expert after exercise can effectively help you increase power, repair muscles, improve training limits, and sculpt a perfect figure.

PRO. TEAM Protein Expert includes four major series of products, aiming at the fitness goals and needs for different people, and providing the best protein healthy drinks in an all-round way:

■ PRO. ENERGY-Energy Burst Drink: Exclusive formula developed for professional athletes. This drink contains three-carbon alcohol and has the highest energy metabolism efficiency. It can boost body cells directly metabolize and provide energy fastest during exercise and fitness. PRO. ENERGY can also enhance muscle strength and explosive power required for exercise. After experiments, drinking PRO. ENERGY before exercise effectively improves training intensity and efficiency, accelerates muscle recovery after exercise, and effectively reduces lactic acid accumulation.

■ PRO. STRONG-White Muscle Perfect Protein: For people who’d like to build muscles, PRO. STRONG presents the "perfect protein", with a protein content of up to 20g per package. The adding meth carnosine and amino acid chelated manganese purposely designed for white muscle generation. The muscle gain effect is then boosted!

■ PRO. SLIM-Red Muscle Perfect Protein: If you dream to have elegant and slender muscle lines like a yoga teacher, you need red muscle production! PRO. SLIM exclusively develops a protein ratio formula for red muscle growth. The protein content of each package is as high as 20g. The cell message is activated through selected peptides, so that the body learns to burn fat and involves aerobic metabolism, which promotes red muscle production. PRO. SLIM is the best choice for those who need lose weight and maintain a beautiful body.

■ PRO. SKIN-Repair Box: PRO. SKIN is suitable for those who loves beauty. It comes with a golden formula specially designed for post-exercise. It uses exclusive technology to break down protein into key raw materials for collagen, Tripeptide and the second type of collagen (UG-II), which quickly replenish the damaged collagen after exercise and moisturize the skin from the inside out. PRO. SKIN helps you repair the rough skin after exercise, and keep your skin soft and supple at any time.

PRO. TEAM Protein Expert provides the highest quality sports nutrition products to support and maintain the fitness and health of your family!