U-ARK Technology Co., Ltd.


U-ARK focuses on innovative research and development in the health field. Based on assisting the digital transformation of long-term care institutions to provide technological services, including different types of long-term care institutions.

Making everyone properly use information technology and obtain the value by the digital transformation.

We also use service model innovation and investments in different industries (such as consumables e-commerce) to increase the value and income of the information industry.

In the future, ours aims is to invest in long-term operations and deepen the overall industrial chain synergy.

Cooperation projects:

  1. uCare long-term care information system
  2. Data visualization monitoring report system
  3. Traffic dispatch management system and App
  4. Nursery Service Management System and App
  5. Community-based care center information system
  6. Medical consumables
  7. E-commerce platform