Happiness Mascot Mask-Invisible World Champion of Non-woven Spunlace


Source:Mascot New Technology Co,. Ltd.

Faced with the dilemma of massive layoffs, Mascot New Technology Co. Ltd. (Mascot) saw an opportunity amidst the crisis. Through the differentiation of their products and services, Mascot saw themselves emerge as a leading company in the non-woven spunlace industry. Mascot highly believes in cultivating new talents, contributing to the society, and encouraging an innovative and warm corporate culture.

Mascot’s technical team has independently developed an automated production line for Spunlace, focusing on niche markets while also learning from the world’s leading companies by using them as benchmarks. Till date, Mascot has adopted and implemented this unique production line for 20 years, and has also developed 24 key technology chains. Mascot prides themselves in manufacturing products towards an ultimate goal of creating products that are lighter, eco-friendly, versatile, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing.

At the end of their design thinking session, James and team managed to come up with an action plan. By utilising their existing facial mask technology, the team tested many ideas and finally had a breakthrough within a month, successfully developing a new anti-microbial product: “Ag+ Mask Liner”. After its successful development, the sales of the Mask Liner has exceeded Mascot’s expectations, with over 30 million pieces sold to at least 11 countries. Apart from this achievement, Mascot also holds 6 trademarks, and 6 design patents from countries such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and China. The innovative Ag+ Mask Liner not only prolongs the useful life of face masks, it also provides an added protection to the user by covering the sides of the mask while still ensuring comfort to the wearer. According to a study done by Mascot, the Mask Liner also reduces the disposal rate of face masks by 36%.

Be prepared for danger in times of time Continuously creating product differentiation

Mascot’s main product is called “Spunlace”, a non-woven fabric manufactured using high-pressure water jets. The Water jets weave the cotton nets and knit the fibers together with both precision and speed. This process transforms spunlace into a soft, elastic and non-woven fabric. Spunlace material differentiates itself from the general non-woven fabric,as it is really soft to touch, has good air permeability and impeccable water absorption capability. In addition to that, it does not contain chemical resins, making it feasible to be used to manufacture water repellent, fireproof or antibacterial materials such as Ag+ cleaning wiper, dishcloth, medical supplies, honeycomb curtains, dust-free wiper, beauty mask, make-up washcloth, dust wiper and HEPA air-filters. From this, It is actually quite evident that Spunlace non-woven fabric can easily be a part of our daily lives.

“For the past ten years, we have manufactured over 1,800 new products.” Tina Shen said. As she explained that Mascot’s business goal is continuous innovation and creating product differentiation.These goals are the driving force behind Mascot’s ability to develop many different types of masks such as natural cellulose silk masks within a short timeframe. Furthermore, Mascot is also committed to undergo innovative R&D and integrate services under the direction of corporate development and personnel training. In 2012, Mascot penetrated the China and Korea market, preventing Japan from monopolizing the beauty masks industry, and becoming a leading underdog in the industry. With their innovative capabilities, Mascot released a new lifting mask which is known as “Defannie”, with its unique structure: three-layered structure, doubled-sided design, double-sided breathability, one-way air permeability”, the HongKong Ringer Trade Media Ltd awarded Mascot with the “Personal Care Industry Award” for their innovation of such a unique design. Mascot is favored by famous facial mask brands.

COVID19 Pandemic outbreak, Employee value highlighted.

In 2020 January, Covid19 broke out all over the world which then exponentially increased the demand for medical face masks leading to the depletion of face masks in many parts of the world. Mascot saw this as an opportunity and immediately focused on researching and developing a product to combat this rising issue. Within the span of a month, Mascot managed to develop the “Ag+ Mask Liner”, which is a soft fabric treated with natural silver ions and made with special polished fibers. It serves as an additional protective layer and prolongs the useful life of face masks, where each mask could be used for 1 to 2 full days instead of having to be disposed immediately after each use. Mascot’s AG+ Mask Liner proves effective in combating the issue of rising demand for face masks. Apart from that, Ag+ Mask Liner’s silver ion fiber uses a skin-friendly material (from beauty mask) that is suitable for all skin types, and this product was featured on the market and on social media. The benefits of the Mask Liner was also highlighted by the Japanese media which enabled Mask Liner sales to exceed over 30 million pieces in Japan.

Mascot newest product, two layer patterns, combines different functions.

Personal cleaning products against epidemic.

Mascot encompasses its corporate spirit with patriotism, as they truly embrace their roots and believe in growing together as a nation. Mascot’s core values are perseverance, humility, and honing the next generation. They believe that irregardless of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), strength and weakness, Mascot is able to thrive over any hardships as long as they persevere.

"Be good at heart, simple in shape, and focus on action" With determination and innovation, Mascot weaves a better and safer future for everyone. Over at Mascot, They aim to bring a better experience for every customer. As represented by Mascot’s Logo: “Three heart shaped leaves symbolizes how Mascot attentively listens with their hearts to achieve their ultimate goal, which is to touch your heart.”Aside from that, Mascot’s logo also symbolizes that Mascot will open a new page in the future, revealing mutual assistance and cooperation of corporate culture.