AUO Display Plus Introducing Smart Medical Solutions at Healthcare Expo Taiwan 2021


SOURCE: Worldakkam

AUO Display Plus, a subsidiary specializing in AUO’s commercial and industrial display solutions, will focus on surgical theaters, medical examinations, and medical display technologies at Healthcare Expo Taiwan 2021 at Healthcare Expo Taiwan 2021. Introducing eight smart medical solutions applicable to medical management. From December 2nd to 5th in Taipei.

AUO Display develops these solutions primarily in collaboration with ecosystem partners such as Adlink Technology, eether AI, Cypress Technology, JelloX Biotech and MedicalTek.

AUO Display has become one of the top two providers of medical display solutions in the world, with a global market share of about 25%, and the global market for display solutions used in transportation, hospital management and control centers, education and retail. The share is very high. Advertising, according to Frank Ko, chairman of the company, who is also the president of AUO. According to Ko, AUO Display has generated more than NT $ 40 billion (US $ 1.43 billion) in consolidated sales in 2021 and expects consolidated sales to grow by more than 10% in 2022. ..

To solve problems in traditional operating rooms that display images individually without integration, AUO Display is working with Cypress to split 55-inch 4K for recording, capturing, transferring, and displaying medical images. Developed a screen medical display. Sihong Liao said.

The display supports the switching of multiple split views that simultaneously display real-time surgical processes, operating room panoramic images, preoperative diagnostic images, and patient vital sign data through systematic streaming integration. Allows the surgeon to concentrate in surgery. In addition, displays support cloud computing-based management of medical data, helping to facilitate telemedicine and medical education, Liao said.

AUO Display has developed a 3D high fidelity medical imaging solution based on miniLED technology for surgical use. This solution is intended to allow physicians to accurately interpret tissues and lesions.

For lesion recognition, marking and measurement in pathological diagnosis, AUO Display uses a self-developed 15.6-inch 4K display for pathology in collaboration with Adlink for computing functions and JelloX for AI-based analysis. We have developed a 3D imaging solution for inspection. Imaging solution for pathological examination using 27-inch 4K display developed in-house in collaboration with image and ether AI, and high-fidelity medical image solution using 21.3-inch display developed in-house for X-ray diagnosis.

To help hospitals manage workflows, monitor day-to-day operations, respond to emergencies, and improve operational efficiency, AUO Display combines a mosaic of self-developed displays with an integration developed by AUO’s subsidiary, AUO Care. Combined with a data dashboard, we have developed a hospital management center solution. Integrated and visualized information.