《Medgadget》Exciting Medtech at the Healthcareᐩ Expo Taiwan


Source: Medgadget

Medgadget was recently invited to Taiwan to cover the 2022 Healthcareᐩ Expo in Taipei. As is the case for most trade shows, the exhibit hall comprised a large portion of the expo. Consisting of over 2000 exhibitors in two massive halls, the main hall showcased the best of Taiwan’s healthcare industry. Here are some notable trends we observed while roaming the aisles.

Big Tech is Invested in Healthcare

At the MedTex Summit Asia that took place during the expo (see here for our coverage), speakers from ASUS, Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle shared about how each of their companies were partnering with hospitals in Taiwan to build connected digital health products. We saw some of these products at the companies’ respective booths. As this US-based writer is accustomed to only seeing consumer electronics from most of these companies, it was fascinating to inspect medical gadgets from them! Acer, known primarily for laptops, has only been in the healthcare space for about four years and showed off a fundoscopic camera with their custom AI built-in.

ASUS is best known for consumer electronics and computer components, but has apparently been developing medical technology for over 20 years. They showed off a plethora of wearables, portable ultrasounds, endoscopy systems, and clinical monitors. Intel showcased a whole range of solutions powered by their chips, including equipment designed to be used by medical professionals, as well as server-side equipment for AI and data processing. BenQ, best known for their computer displays and projectors, had an entire mock operating suite with the company’s products.

While it may be unlikely that US readers will ever see many of these products in hospitals, it’s neat to witness these powerful consumer tech companies investing in med tech.

Hospitals Are Innovation Centers