Webinar: Taiwan’s medical technologies and business opportunities stimulated by COVID-19



Hosted by Dr. Chen-Yuan Tung, Taiwan’s Representative to Thailand and Prof. Chung-Liang Chien, CEO, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI), the webinar was aimed at addressing Taiwan experience in infectious disease control and facilitating tangible opportunities between Thailand and Taiwan.


Dr Allen Cheng, Secretary General representing New Taipei City Bio-Medical Alliance Association, and Ms Tonia Hsiao, International Market Sales Manager at EBM Technologies, unfolded strategies that Taiwan outlined to combat the virus, as well as technologies and products being made in place to serve the purpose of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


The novel coronavirus pandemic has provoked a wider response to partnering with Taiwan. The healthcare industry in Thailand, too, has an appetite for AIoT integrated solutions, mobile applications in epidemic control (e.g. quarantine) and medical supplies ranging from protective clothing to virus detection kits. Between two parties there have been commercial links in terms of medical education and medical devices, this webinar also envisaged a strategic partnership which might as well be formed in the public health regime.


Taiwan has done well constraining the virus outbreak and been taking part in research and development of therapeutic drugs, vaccines and reagents. Most recently a rapid test for COVID-19 has been developed and in the process of technology transferring, coupled with clinical trials of remdesivir being carried out in country.


Personal protective equipment (PPE), mHealth and epidemic prevention supplies would be opportunities going forward, Dr Chien, CEO of IBMI added. Following the conversations with more than 10 Thai industry delegates, Dr Tung concluded that Taiwan can certainly help bridge the healthcare sector in Thailand with their counterparts in Taiwan for the needs for procurement, technologies and appliances in which Thailand sees appropriate. More concrete results can be expected in the next couple of months.


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