Explore the Latest AI Applications in Healthcare Across APAC
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Embark on the AI-Powered Healthcare Frontier at Healthcare+ Expo
Taiwan is a global leader in AI innovation, producing over 90% of the world's AI servers. The annual Healthcare+ Expo showcases cutting-edge AI healthcare technologies, attracting industry leaders and investors from across APAC.
Explore top healthcare solutions at this premier event, serving as a one-stop destination for buyers worldwide like the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Join us at the 2024 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan to witness the transformative potential of AI in healthcare!
◆ Tech x Medicine: Expo Highlights in Medtech, Biotech and Healthtech
The Expo stands out among exhibitions of its type, fostering accelerated collaborations between the Medtech, Biotech, and Healthtech sectors. It provides a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, sparking innovation, and fostering partnerships in healthcare.
The Expo features upstream-to-downstream supply chains, showcasing innovative technologies, products, and services for therapeutics and patient care.
-Smart Hospital Solutions
-Medical Devices & Equipment
-Digital Health Technologies
The Expo showcases supply chains from upstream to downstream, emphasizing diagnostics, labs, and services for screening, prevention, and treatment.
-Diagnostics, Laboratory
-Equipment & Services
-Biopharmaceutical Products & Services
-Regenerative Medicine Products & Services
The Expo presents consumer health products for people in various health states, aiding in immune health, managing risks, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
-Preventive Medicine
-Consumer Health
-Long-term Care & Assistive Technology
◆ Tech Leaders' Insight into the World of Healthcare
Taiwan leads the healthcare AI revolution, with the Expo emerging as APAC's premier medical technology showcase, demonstrating mastery of state-of-the-art technology.
“Together we are creating world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet”
-Patrick Gelsinger, CEO, Intel
“Generative AI is a revolution waiting to happen that could bring substantial changes in healthcare”
-Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer of Sheba Medical Center
“Taiwan is in a unique position to capitalize on the new wave of AI”
-Barry Lam, Chairman, Quanta Group
“We aim to collaborate with global partners to develop innovative smart medical solutions”
-David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare at Microsoft
“Join us and be a part of this digital revolution”
-Jonney Shih, Chairman, ASUS
“The growth of healthcare AI relies on collaboration between the tech industry and healthcare”
-René Torres, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Communications Group, GM Networking & Edge Solution Sales, Intel Corporation
◆ Taiwan's Healthcare: Insights from Global Buyers
The Expo delivers cutting-edge medical solutions, featuring top IT and AI technologies, and fosters partnerships with buyers from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.
“Taiwan, renowned in IT, presents numerous solutions viable for introduction to Egypt”
-Rashidy Mohamed El, Vice President of Kemet Medical
“We eagerly embrace Taiwan’s AI technology, inspired to integrate them into our nation”
-Yousef Alissa, Manager, Global Medical Supply Chain
“The Expo serves as a beautiful bridge, connecting the innovative healthcare markets of Taiwan and Saudi Arabia”
-Nasser Khashan, IT Manager, Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C
“We foresee promising avenues for future partnerships between Poland and Taiwan”
-Arkadiusz Grądkowski, CEO, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Medical
◆ Explore Healthcare through Hospital Leaders' Eyes
A top choice for hospital directors from Southeast Asia, the Expo offers comprehensive medical supply chain solutions and provides one-stop access to digital healthcare solutions.
“We are really excited to look at newer technologies Taiwan can offer”
-Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, President of Association of Private Hospital Malaysia
“Taiwan has successfully developed the entire healthcare system to be at the forefront of Asia”
-Dr. Pongpat Patanavanich, Advisory of Thailand Private Hospital Association
“We are delighted to collectively facilitate collaboration in the fields of smart hospitals, safe and quality health care innovations”
-Dr. Edmundo B. Lopez, President of Philippine Hospital Association
“Looking to exchange ideas and technologies for the benefit of both our healthcare workers and the industry”
-Dr. Jose Rene de Grano, President of Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines
“Developing and strengthening the supply chain and forming a sustainable digital health economy”
-Dr. Nguyen Van De, Chairman of Vietnam Private Hospital Association
◆ Global Media Views on Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan
Global media unanimously recommend the premier Expo in APAC, showcasing top healthcare innovations worldwide and spotlighting Taiwan's pivotal role in digital transformation and innovation.
“The Expo unveils international smart healthcare Innovations, opening new doors for global collaboration”
“Taiwan is at the heart of digital transformation and innovation in APAC”
“The Expo is an important platform for promoting the global smart healthcare industry”
“The Expo was a showcase of the best of Taiwanese innovation”