Discover Smart Dentistry in Taiwan: From teaching and training to precise implant navigation and all the way to cross-domain oral care


In response to the trend of smart medical care, the department of dentistry of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital joined efforts once more with EPED Inc. to create a digital medical environment, that not only includes "SimEx" that can simulate clinical education, but also "IRIS" that performs precision minimally invasive surgery, and "Pvix" that interactively simulates and helps future caregivers to perfection their oral care skills, a revolutionary tandem of precise medical services.

EPED Inc. located in Southern Taiwan Science Park, is a professional medical equipment brand company. Since its establishment in 2007, it has been joined forces with Kaohsiung Medical University in numerous projects. EPED Inc. adheres to the value of "safe medical care, wisdom and precision, and innovation efficiency", working with optical location systems and professional medical software as their core technology to develop dental and surgical navigation systems, marketing to major hospitals and clinics all over the world.

In 2019, EPED Inc. was listed as one of the world's 20 optical surgical navigation brands, an important landmark for the history of the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Result of this was the Global Advanced Dental Education Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a very reputable organization that plans to apply for 2 IRIS navigation systems in the short future.

At the moment, the school of Dentistry in Kaohsiung Medical University has seven "SimEx" for dental education and training. It is the first navigation system produced by EPED Inc. and also the most condecorated with many domestic awards. SimEx is the world's number one brand in dental AR simulation clinical education that currently is helping with the shortage of full-time teachers.

From basic training to clinical application, EPED Inc. has also developed the "IRIS" for precise dental implants or surgery. IRIS uses the most advanced 4D optical positioning technology to track in real time, perform precise and minimally invasive surgical implant procedures while reducing unnecessary damage to the patients. The department of Dentistry in Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital just applied for 2 IRIS navigation systems as part of the Global Advanced Dental Education Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology plans. IRIS is also used to build a bridge with the international clinical trials of Chulalongkorn University, the best university in Thailand.

Recently, EPED Inc. has cross-domain to "Retina" for brain surgery and "Pvix" for oral care. Through the interactive simulation training of AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality, it can be combined with digital dental-brushing software courses, hence, the field of oral hygiene and preventive medicine will gain some extra value. These advanced scientific and technological instruments will be unveiled at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition in Hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from December 2 to 5.