A Sustainable & Healing Journey of Body and Soul


During the post-pandemic, people are searching for the mental and physical balance, experiencing a healing journey through urban or outdoor camping. Wearing functional protection apparels, we can insure family’s or friend’s security, as well as reconnect the relationship with each other. Let us create a sustainable future together.

Chain Yarn Co., Ltd. has created the eco-friendly brand GREENLON® in 2014, pursuing environmental sustainability, reducing the impact of pollution, simplifying manufacturing process, and producing certificated raw materials. These are the 4 main goals to create the future of textile industries.

Recently, Chain Yarn has developed GREENLON®recycled the nylon recycled yarn, utilizing waste recycling technology, to apply the yarn for industrial and apparel textiles. We devote ourselves to meeting customers’ requirements of safety protection, and ecological balance by manufacturing eco-friendly products. GREENLON®dyefree / ecopro specializes in dope dyed system, which adds color master batch to the spinning process, to achieve good color fastness and customized colors.

In 2022, FUN-MAX ®Nylon functional yarn focuses on the protective development of antibacterial and deodorization, heat reduction and cooling, and far-infrared series. FUN-MAX®AM utilizes silver ions materials with FDA certified, result in the antibacterial rate over 99% after dyeing process, which is suitable for all kinds of sportswear and apparel designs. FUN-MAX ®IN applies anti-Near Infra Red (NIR) materials, combined with physical protection in dark fabrics, to reduce the heat absorption, which provides comfortable and cool feeling during the daytime. FUN-MAX®IR uses far-infrared materials, including radionuclides tested by SGS, to improve blood circulation, boost body metabolism, increase blood volume and blood flow velocity.

Official Website: https://www.chainlon.com.tw/index.php

GREENLON®dyefree / ecopro