AVer Provides Connected Health Solutions and Elevates Patient Care through Tele-ICU


Source: AVer Information Inc (Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.: N830)

Taipei, Taiwan – September 28th, 2022AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, is dedicated to creating Connected Health Solutions that are quality-driven and patient-centered and strives to provide the best user experience for healthcare professionals. As such, AVer is pleased to demonstrate its commitment to the healthcare industry with the recent implementation of the Auto Tracking Camera PTC330 and the PTZ Management software at a hospital in New Taipei City.

According to the Central News Agency, AVer’s Auto Tracking Camera PTC330 and PTZ Management software were both utilized at a hospital where many patients were admitted to when the COVID-19 cases surged in Taiwan. A PTC330 camera was installed in each ICU ward, providing a clear overhead view of the patients and their surrounding monitors, including that of infusion droplets and immediate data of unconnected devices. With the PTZ Management set up on an 86-inch screen at the nursing station, intensivists and bedside nurses are able to remotely but actively monitor the physiological changes of each patient via the cameras and respond to medical attentions on-time. As a result, remote communication and patient monitoring between healthcare workers are made easier and more efficient.

Furthermore, as the ongoing pandemic makes it difficult for family members to visit their loved ones in a timely manner, the utilization of the PTC330 and PTZ Management gives them the opportunity to connect and communicate in a way that’s still heartfelt and sincere. With COVID-19 continuing to put pressure on the healthcare professionals, AVer aims to help alleviate some of that burden by providing Connected Health Solutions to fulfill clinical needs and improve the overall patient care experience.