Source: JIAN LING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.:  K013 )

Jian Ling is a manufacturer expert in a range of areas, including smart fitness, healthcare, and physical therapy integrated system services and near infrared photothermal therapy equipment. The company is featuring its new “Near Infrared Deep Photothermal Therapy Equipment PHA901,” which directly uses solar infrared visible light and water filter infrared A(wIRA) technology exclusive to Jian Ling. Applying the near infrared air band range at 600nm to 1400nm, Jian Ling’s equipment can remove ultraviolet light harmful to skin and the eyes and allow the beneficial light range to pass through into the skin and body, at the same time, increasing the user’s deep-layer body temperature (38°C-40°C) with the full wavelength and body photothermal therapy equipment.  

PHA901 is capable of injecting elevated levels of near infrared waves into the body, without fear of producing heat on the skin or cause burns. Inside the capsule, the temperature is maintained at around 41°C. The many benefits of using near infrared waves is widely documented in international research, such as counteracting cancer activity, deep detox, anti-inflammatory features, improving the immune system, metabolic activity, and reducing the production of stress proteins. Jian Ling hopes their presence at the show will allow overseas clients and suppliers become better acquainted with their products and services.