Zinexts – Top 10 Genomics Expert in Asia Pacific Promotes New Molecular Diagnostics Platforms


Source: Zinexts Life Science Corp. ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.:   M413a )

Zinexts Life Science Corp., an affiliated company of Bio-Check Laboratories, has been selected as one of the Top 10 Genomics Solution Providers in APAC by Life Sciences Review Magazine this year. With more than 11 years of expertized and professional research and development capabilities, Zinexts developed a new fully-automated clinical sample preparation system, MagPurix 12 N.E.O., in less than 9 months. N.E.O. aims for fast, high-purity, high-yield nucleic acid and cell purification from a wide range of sample types for molecular diagnostics. In addition, Zinexts is developing a complete All-in-One platform, which integrates sample extraction, PCR set-up, and qPCR high-throughput analysis. The new products are expected to be launched in 2023, and they will be displayed at the 2022 Taiwan Healthcare Expo.

Founded in 1981, Bio-Check focuses on clinical diagnostics as its core value with more than 40 years of experience. We strategize in vertical integration, in which we expanded in 5 main territories: Life Science, Clinical Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Health Examination, and Precision Medicine.

By combing our international clinical diagnostics standard and market competitiveness, Bio-Check has built a complete portfolio of medical service chains from high-end instrument development and clinical laboratory design to the first-hand application of Precision Medicine and Health Management. In recent years, with the development of precision diagnostics, the subsidiary of Bio-Check, JW Diagnostics Inc., has expanded into various precision diagnostics services from disease prevention to treatment by collaborating with Centogene Laboratory in Germany, one of the world’s most prestigious rare disease diagnostics companies. JW also focuses on developing immunomagnetic reduction technology for blood-based diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, with obtaining approval in IVD and EU CE-IVD certifications.

To successfully implement these development processes, the laboratory requires more advanced diagnostics instruments to strengthen in the field of biotechnology research and development with the support from Zinexts. With more than 11 years of molecular diagnostics manufacturing experience in IVD industry, Zinexts Life Science Corp. provides professional ODM/OEM customized one-stop services from design to development, manufacturing and mass production, global sales and technical support. Zinexts currently has distribution partners across the world in more than 80 countries, with more than 2,100 systems distributed globally. Zinexts thrives on innovation and integration in molecular diagnostics solutions while maintaining high quality and reliability in the products and services.

In the future, with Zinexts’ excellent design and development capabilities and Bio-Check’s long-term experience in clinical and precision diagnostics, we will continue to develop and innovate more competitive high-end diagnostics instruments and equipment for more impactful insights, which further improve patient management and secure people’s health.