Source: Lite SUPPORT ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.:   K623 )

Corporate Philosophy

Long-term care has become a social trend nowadays, and it is our original purpose to provide you with worry-free support. It is our starting point to listen to the needs of each caregiver. From your perspective, we expect to provide a full range of protection.

Brand Context

Innovative R&D Material - MEDLite SUPPORT

In 2017, Professor Rui Xiang-peng’s team at National Taipei University of Technology

successfully developed a revolutionary 3D fabric composite material. After the successful technology transfer, TSM Smart Materials was officially established in 2018 to produce the breathable and lightweight customizable MEDLite SUPPORT thermoplastic material for orthopedic rehabilitation materials.


Lite SUPPORT comes to life

The company research and development team has noticed that most of our friends and family have various physical discomforts, such as wrist pain caused by overwork, back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle, annoying plantar fasciitis, and degenerating joints as we age.


On the market, the brace with stronger support often cannot be worn for a long time due to poor blood circulation caused by the overly tight straps, while the brace that fits comfortably will has insufficient support. After noticing the above problems, we started to research and develop into the field of protective gear in 2020, and after two years of unceasing efforts, a series of epoch-making Lite SUPPORT protective gear was finally unveiled.


It can be shaped according to the user body shape, with support but not overly constricted, and can be worn for a long time, and a fashionable life brace begins to come into your life.