DigiPath Slide Scanner


Source: Shuz Tung ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.:M733 )

Based on the high demand of professional interpreters in pathology and immune serum examination. The DigiPath Slide Scanner of Shuz Tung is to solve the problem of clinical scientist shortage. DigiPath Slide Scanner can provide digital slide fluorescence scanning with auxiliary Helicobacter pylori automatic detection and marker. The digital Slide image generated by DigiPath Slide Scanner is stored in the cloud to assist physicians in multi-consultation. Shuz Tung are committed to research and development to integrate domestic industry and medical cross-professional cooperation.

1.Customized expanded scanning system:With our cassette design of the synchronous support standard slide(1 inch * 3 inch) and large slide(2 inch * 3 inch) ,it can provide hospitals with digitization and fully automated job scheduling of large tissue slides (e.g. prostate cancer slides)

2.Exclusive hardware and software integration system:The AI deep learning inference platform will choose the corresponding data and modules to perform model inference training. After the training and inference quality being confirmed, it can be directly connected to the hospital's integrated HIS&AI reporting system.

3.AI deep learning inference platform with extended features:Different manufacturers may have their own specialized models. To view from the hospitals' standpoint, they will expect that the inferential platform deployed in the future will be compatible with different models trained by their own hospital, different vendors, or research institution, rather than being limited to a single vendor.