The allogeneic cell therapy in cancer therapy by cord blood derived NK cells with high antibody affinity


Source: STEMCYTE TAIWAN CO., LTD. ( Healthcare+ Expo- booth no.: M733 )

Advanced cell therapy in cancer treatment

Compare to autologous NK cell, allogeneic NK cell with high antibody affinity is more powerful to apply clinical treatment in cancer therapy. These allogeneic NK cells are shown higher cytotoxicity of cancer cells, targeting to tumor without gene modification unlike CAR-T cells, applying more indications and treatment with lower side effect. According aforementioned characters of allogeneic NK cells, this cell therapy is expected to replace to the tradition cancer treatment and increase the efficacy with antibody combination in the near future.

The novelty and advantage of allogeneic cord blood derived NK cells therapy

1.All cells are from healthy donor (cord blood donation).

2.The off-the-shelf allogeneic cell products potentially supply patient receive the treatment immediately without waiting for the time of cell expansion.

3.The cell product is shown the tumor targeting ability without gene modification.

4.Combination therapy between allogeneic NK cell product and antibody is shown higher efficacy with lower side effect.