Visitor Registration: Expo & B2B

Healthcare+ Expo in-person and Healthcare+B2B online- Two in One System.


Visitor registration has been integrated into the Healthcare+ B2B system. Unlike the Expo, Healthcare+ B2B operates year round, allowing users to connect businesses and/or opportunities of their interest anytime, anywhere.

You must first register via Healthcare+ B2B, then you can manage your visitor registration for the Expo and other B2B functions from there.

Click on “Register” as shown below to start your journey to growing business in healthcare.

Step 1) Register and Activate Your Account

Click on Login/Register→ proceed with Register on next page and fill in information necessary→ Register

You will receive an account activation email with a link to activate your account.


Step 2) Visitor Registration, Healthcare+ Expo

When logging in, please first complete your visitor profile→ proceed with Visitor Registration as shown below.


Step 3) Get your QR code for entry pass

Your entry QR code will then be generated. Check-in with this QR code and your business card to collect your entry pass to the Expo during 1-4 December.


By clicking on “Register as a Visitor”, you will be redirected to Healthcare+ B2B website.

Online: 1 Aug. 2022 - 31 Jul. 2023

▸Healthcare+ B2B

Find out more about companies, products and business opportunities.


In-Person: 1-4 December 2022

▸Healthcare+ Expo

Check out exhibitions, join live events and mingle with participants.