Integrated Magneto-Chemical Sensor for On-Site Food Allergen Detection


Allergies and acute allergic reactions caused by food are increasing problems in health care and public health. Take the United States as an example, 200,000 people visit the emergency room due to food allergies each year, and the annual expenses related to food allergies cost 25 billion USD. Therefore, based on the combination of personal device and IoT technology, developing a rapid detection solution that is easy for daily use is an important and needed market gap.


Six advantages of Integrated Magneto-Chemical Sensor for On-Site Food Allergen Detection:


  1. Fast testing time - the test result can be provided within 2 minutes.
  2. Quantitative detection system - meet the real need of people with different degrees of food intolerance.
  3. Keychain-sized - easy to carry and operate.
  4. IoT function - building a more complete personal system.
  5. Wide application in various biomedical testing fields - such as cancer diagnosis, chronic disease tracking, or physiological information judgment.
  6. High sensitivity and specificity in detection performance of the special nanomaterial - effectively reduce the cost of time and environmental pollution in the process.



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