Automatic Ampoule Peel Device-- Everyone is responsible for improving medical safety.


"Sister! I cut my hand again!" Studies have shown that needle sticks and sharp cuts are the main causes of occupational injuries for medical staff. Among them, cutting glass bottles for medicines accounted for 21.9%, and it was discovered that nursing colleagues peeled ampoules. , Often due to the wrong material of the ampoule itself and the wrong force point for peeling, it can not be peeled smoothly, and even the ampoule is directly crushed and cut. Therefore, the R&D team discussed with the professors and students of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Feng Chia University, combined with modular design, and used electric drives to achieve the advantages of saving time and effort. It is suitable for installing improved products at various sites. It is convenient for clinical nursing staff to use, and avoids the problems of space occupation and easy loss caused by placing the product on the body.


Outer design】

The appearance of the main body is mainly made of ABS material. ABS resin can have good moldability under the environment of -25~60℃. The surface of the product is smooth and easy to dye, so it can be designed according to the more acceptable styles on the market.


Inner design】

The inner layer is made of silicone material, which can increase the buffering force and reduce the glass splash caused by peeling the medicine bottle. The design of the silicone groove can accept the cut ampoule head. The safe retractable cutting surface can avoid finger cuts and large space. It is suitable for ampoules of 1~20c.c. capacity, and is non-toxic, easy to clean, and will not rust or cause other toxicity even if washed with water.



The product uses electric drive to achieve the advantages of saving time and effort. The operation is more user-friendly. It uses light sensors to make judgments and actions. When encountering epidemics or taking care of infectious patients, it can avoid touching and achieve safety , Hygiene, labor saving and time saving.



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