AVS® AI-based verification system


Measuring equipment can cause severe harms to patients if the measuring result is not correct. In addition to premarket review and post market surveillance, governments regulate these medical devices by mandatory verification. These measures aim to avoid device failures and patient injuries when doctors are saving lives.

The devices should be verified periodically for assuring the accuracy of device performance to comply with mandatory regulation. Conventional testing/verification methods rely on huge manual operation and judgment and this triggers quality and correctness concerns. Accordingly, BROADSIMS Inc. creates an AI-based verification system AVS® which provides correct and reliable automation test solution.


AVS® AI-based verification system provides verification solution for medical electrical equipment.


  • Applies to medical devices including 12 lead ECG, patient monitors, ECG wearables, oximeters, noninvasive blood pressure monitor, infusion pump, diagnostic ultrasound equipment and therapeutic ultrasound equipment
  • Fully automated process reduces time, manpower and associated cost to perform the tests
  • Complies with regulation and standards e.g. IEC, YY, JJG and allow traceability
  • Applies to fields such as R&D and manufacturing departments in medical device company, medical engineering research institutes, hospitals, government testing labs and 3rd party testing labs.


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AVS® AI-based verification system provides fully automated process to reduce time and compliance with regulation and standards.