Cell Envision SACA monitoring the recurrence of colorectal cancer to improve patient survival rate 


Is the condition really under control? The effectiveness of cancer treatment varies from person to person, and the overall recurrence rate of colorectal cancer within 2 years reach to 40%. The Cell Envision SACA system monitors the probability of recurrence through liquid biopsy, and patients in need of active treatment can be treated early and improve survival!


Features of the Cell Envision SACA monitoring system:


1.Liquid biopsy

only need 2 ml of blood for analysis.


2.Simultaneous analysis of multiple cancer cell types

Circulating tumor cancer cells, cancer cell clusters, immune cells and cancer cell conjugated, etc


3.High accuracy

The predicted success rate is 8 times higher than that of CEA or CA 199 monitoring alone


4.Friendly interface

Cancer cells can be isolated to the genetic testing platform


 Look for: 

Agents/distributors, academic and research units  welcome to consult and collaborate.






  • The Cell Envision SACA system provides the most suitable liquid biopsy platform for analyzing circulating tumor cells and clusters.