Non-invasive deep-tissue imaging


Non-invasive deep-tissue imaging offers doctors instant information of pathology images of cells to grade skin lesions and make clinical decisions. The technology responds to clinical needs that are yet to be met, such as skin cancer diagnoses, aesthetic medicine monitoring, and neural lesion testing.


Top 12 advantages


  1. Instant images – shortens the required time for doctors to make clinical decisions.
  2. Trauma-free, painless
  3. Dual-color (SHG & THG) imaging – same as H&E staining & useful for doctors to interpret medical images
  4. With the wavelength located in the skin penetration window, provides the deepest penetration.
  5. Offers 3D skin structure images.
  6. Increases image resolution and exceeds the performance of general pathology images through a harmonic super-resolution system.
  7. Provides quantitative key information.
  8. Sole technology that is non-invasive and allows pathological classification.
  9. Suitable for clinical and in vitro sample observations
  10. Image quality independent of factors such as skin tone and age
  11. Clinical validation and verification of 14 years by National U. Hospital (NTUH)
  12. 14 exclusive patents including one for the technology itself


 Look for:

Medical device agents in and outside of Taiwan, marketing channels for the brand, medical institutes, investors, GMP-certified manufacturers