Terminator of pressure injury in nasal ala region—Nasal endotracheal tube support device


Naso-endotracheal intubation during general anesthesia will induce pressure injury in nasal-ala region. Inadequate tube care will result in the injury, causing pain, discomfort, more medical expenditure, and prolonged hospital stay. The quality of medical care will also be worse. The manpower needed and the medical cost will also increase.  The design of nasal endotracheal tube supporting device was inspired by the concepts of Y shape horn as fork. It elevated the tube and alleviate the pressure on the nose. The risk of pressure injury in nasal-alar region was then decreased.




(1) It is a fast, simple and endurable "Nasal endotracheal tube " supporting device.

(2) The patient can move the head and neck appropriately. Autonomy of the patient increases and the pain of skin damage decreases.

(3) It is easier for the nurses to observe the condition of nasal skin. The workload of the nurses decreases.

(4) It will be a personal device for each patient. The risk of cross-infection is minimal.

(5) It is a innovative device without massive production. The commercial benefit is promising.

(6) The newest product (the third generation) reserves the advantage of previous design and is smaller, lighter and more comfortable for users. The ball joint design also significantly improve the stability and better supporting effect of the device.



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