IVD for Detecting the Oral Cancer Biomarker MMP-1


Through constant collaboration with the academics and top-notch development team in Taiwan, S&T BioMed steadily grows its research and development ability, and gradually become a technology-oriented corporate.

S&T BioMed boasts for its noninvasive biomarker screening technique. It allows medics to perform a simple, fast and accurate screening test on cancer and further achieve effective and efficient hospitality management. Core technique includes COVID-19 rapid test, oral cancer, pancreas cancer and other tumor marker screening technique.


We have completed 3 trial mass production for our 2 different oral cancer screening products, both of which are undergoing clinical trials and evaluation. As for intellectual property, we have successfully acquired 8 patents for our pancreas cancer screening products and 2 patents for our oral cancer screening products. Chang Gung University (CGU) has helped us conduct clinical researches including the expansion of oral cancer new tumor biomarker clinical trial. The research thesis has been released to international journals, and a 2-year industry-academia collaboration contract has been signed.


Furthermore, S&T BioMed has been actively researching and developing Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). We intend to apply this technique to our new electrode pads that transmit current to patient’s body in order to induce stimulation and then attain remedies like muscle relaxation, pain relieve and so on.


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