A Portable Device to Monitor Dehydration Status


Regardless of healthy or illness people, if they don’t get enough water intake and continue to lose body fluid under conditions of excessive sweating, high temperature or diseases, dehydration will most often occur.

The current methods for detecting dehydration are still invasive and inconvenient to collect the samples in the modern age, and require to be sent to the laboratory for testing, which can’t provide immediate diagnosis and treatment to dehydrated patients. Our research team develops a portable device to monitor the body hydration status in real time, and already obtained patents in Taiwan, United States, Europe and China.


Technical advantages


  1. Non-invasive and only small amount of sample collection.
  2. High accuracy
  3. Affordable price to the general public in the future.
  4. Real-time monitoring, and easy to operate.
  5. Portable device, small and light to carry.


Patents and Rewards


  • Patents approval: Taiwan, United States, Europe, China
  • 2017 Taipei international Invention Show & Technomart Invention Contest – Award of Platinum
  • 2018 The 15th National Innovation award - Award of Clinical Research Category
  • 2019 The 16th National Innovation award – Renewal of The Excelsior Award



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