Cognitive Detection and Emotional Express System by Nostalgic Experiences


The problem of dementia for the elderly over 65 years old is an important issue that the government and the society urgently need to pay attention. In our research, the serious games that could record the performance of player and evaluate the cognitive ability in older people based on the problems caused by dementia. The system software could be performed by using keyboard, mouse, touch-based platform or motion sensing device. We improve the functions of this game system with more games for cognitive functions, which can evaluate cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, and calculation; increase two-person interactive functions for improving the interpersonal communication. That could increase the frequency of interaction between the elderly and others, and enhance interpersonal relationships and hope to assist the elderly in early prevention and treatment, the feasible prediction and prevention model could be developed. It is also possible to develop personal rehabilitation prescriptions in the future. The use of the serious game could have the advantage of reducing the rate of disability for keeping health.


This serious game is a set of software that can used to detect cognitive functions of elderly people. It can run on personal computers and Android mobile phone platforms. The content is designed for the operating characteristics and preferences of elderly people.

Five characteristics of the software are:


  1. Collection and construction of multimedia nostalgic materials: This system uses personal familiar nostalgic materials from the life experience of the elderly, such as food, photos, living environment, old songs, etc., to stimulate personal familiar memories, and can also be used in the process of operation. Accompanying people through memories, sharing and commenting on the past.
  2. System function establishment: The gaming uses the motion sensor or interactive touch technology.
  3. Nostalgic game theme design: The system uses nostalgic materials, and each theme is designed for specific cognitive function, and the performance of the player could be recorded for cognitive ability evaluation.
  4. Personalized material database: The personal data and nostalgic materials of individuals could be recorded in this system, and the performance of operation records will be tracked.
  5. Cognitive function analysis: Based on the clinical trial with the comparison of the MoCA questionnaire and the MMSE questionnaire test of the subjects, this system could be used to evaluate the cognitive ablity, and the game could be used in the daily life for tacking cognition ability decline of the elderly.





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