R3CE is a clinically validated 3D single-cell culture platform and can seize the golden window of cancer treatment for patients!


Since cancer cells proliferate and mutate quickly, patients typically have to test a variety of medication to find an effective treatment. Each round of testing typically takes three to six months. However, with R3CE serving as a single-cell proliferation platform, patients’ cancer cells can be cultured in-vitro. This will allow doctors to find effective remedies for patients.


 Advantages of R3CE Technology Platform:


  • Functional on different plate types
  • Ease of observation due to transparent substrate
  • Enables analysis and culturing of various biological cells.
  • Spheroids cultured are highly uniform and 400 times the size of the original sample cells after 7 days of proliferation.
  • Clinically validated single cell amplification platform.
  • Similar protocol to 2D cultures
  • Cultures are easy to maintain and can be sampled through treatment-free processes.
  • Spheroids are oftentimes a more accurate representation of the human body’s reactions and conditions.
  • Accurately predicts drug candidates and provides result in three weeks. These results were obtained through double-blind experiments with prestigious international clinical centers.
  • Animal 3D tumor cells cultured by R3CE proliferate faster than 2D cultures and can be used in experiments.


 Look for: 

Hospitals, research labs, medical centers, technical cooperation, precision medicine and tumor related research and testing


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