You Si-kun, President of Legislative Yuan: Healthcare Expo is the key to prosperity of medicine and technology


You expressed his gratitude for Tsai administration and all citizens for fighting the coronavirus pandemic together so that public gatherings can be possible today, as he spoke on behalf of the Healthcare Expo organiser, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry.

He thanked Jin-Pyng Wang, former president of Legislative Yuan, for Wang’s commitment to promoting biotechnology. You and Wang are both known for spearheading Taiwan’s healthcare industry development.

Following the ‘Two Trillion & Twin Star’ initiative in 2002-2003 aimed to expand Taiwan’s footprints in semiconductors, display panels, biotech and digital contents, healthcare now has a dominant place in terms of Taiwan’s global positioning. Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center was about to build during my tenure as the President of Executive Yuan, I am pleased to see the Expo is held at the center 17 years later, You said.

You also paid his tribute to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Council of Agriculture, the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, the Research Center for Biotechnology, the Medicine Policy and Taipei City Government, welcomed attendees to the opening ceremony and invited all to witness Taiwan’s excellence in medicine and technology.

He joined President Tsai later in a guided tour to the Epidemic Prevention Top 50 pavilion and visited hospitals with presence in the Expo.


Source of press release (in Chinese)