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AI Revolutionizes Healthcare Delivery by Addressing Urgent Cases
Taiwanese hospitals have embraced AI to address urgent medical needs such as heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory distress. Advanced AI systems enable medical teams to intervene swiftly, significantly improving patient outcomes and survival rates. In the realm of intensive care medicine, where timely interventions are paramount, AI stands as a beacon of hope. As conditions like stroke, sepsis, and critical ICU cases demand swift action, AI-driven solutions offer early warnings, empowering caregivers to make informed decisions and enhance patient outcomes.
Taipei Medical University and Healthcare System employs AI image platforms for swift stroke severity assessment within 3 minutes of examination, receiving precise SMS notifications detailing the size and location of the stroke core.
China Medical University and Healthcare System develops three AI warning systems targeting Sepsis, Myocardial Infarction, and ARDS, leading to prompt interventions and enhanced patient survival rates.
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital pioneers a CT brain imaging predictive hemorrhage risk system. This groundbreaking technology completes readings within 10 minutes, accurately determining the presence, location, and extent of brain bleeding.
MacKay Memorial Hospital employs artificial intelligence to alert sepsis and catches symptoms six hours earlier. The system is visualised and displayed through a dashboard; it has been in use by the ICU.
Changhua Christian Hospital develops iStroke: Intelligent Stroke Management, allowing physicians to stay informed on patient medication contrain-dications around the clock. This enables precise thrombolysis to mitigate bleeding risks.
Landseed International Hospital introduces an AI prediction system to foresee critical illness risk among hospitalized patients. It integrates various data aspects to forecast critical risk within the next 6 hours, facilitating timely interventions to enhance patient care.
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