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Review of 2018 Med x Tech Summit Asia (MEDTEX)


2018 Med x Tech Summit Asia



CEO Cross-Field Dialogue:Foreseeing Healthcare Advances


Five Senior Executives from Merck (Head of Access to Innovation APAC, Birgit Reitmaier), Teva (GM of Greater China and Vietnam, Larry Merisalde), Hitachi (GM of Industry & Distribution Business Unit, Murakami Sei), Nvidia (VP Sales and GM Taiwan, Eunice Chiu) and Qisda (VP&GM of Medical Devices Group, Harry Yang) have gathered together in Taiwan to conduct cross-field discussion about foreseeing the future of healthcare, opportunity and challenge of cross-industrial collaboration, how to stay innovative, and what is the criteria for ideal partners.

  • Foresee the future: AI and deep learning will be the future milestone in the next five years.
  • Explore the opportunity: Cross-filed integration of ICT and hospitals to explore endless business opportunities.
  • How to stand out from cooperation and competition ? [Innovation] is the key.
  • Connect the ideal partners: Attitude of cooperation is the first priority.


Medical Revolution: Technology Spurs Transformation of the Medical Industry


Big Data, Artificial intelligent (AI) and blockchain are the latest innovative technologies applied in the medical and healthcare industry. The combination of medical and digitization has become one of leading world trend. In order to promote the cross-field collaboration, Med x Tech Summit Asia (MEDTEX) has invited world-renowned technology companies and smart medical developers to participate in the conference to discuss innovations and challenges brought by the technology of AI, blockchain and electronic medical records. In the meantime, explore the strategies and thinking of industrial innovation transformation.

  • Implement artificial intelligent (AI), increase medical efficiency
  • Application of blockchain and electronic medical records in the Healthcare
  • Observe the medical digitization: how technologies offer smarter solution to help the transformation of healthcare industry
  • Overview of new strategy and new thinking of global medical innovation
  • Israel government fully support numerous innovation of biomedical technology
  • The Innovative energy from Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom and United States never fall behind


New Generation: Personalized healthcare, precision medicine and next-generation therapies


Since first reveal of human genetic map and the cost of whole genome sequencing has dropped, the medical efficiency has been greatly improved. Now day, cellular immunotherapy, gene-editing, and personalized medicine are the latest developments across generations. We have Invited Dr. Seigo Izumo (AMED CiCLE Program Director of Takeda Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Wise Young, (Chief Science & Medical Advisor of StemCyte), and other experts to witness the new era of disease treatment through the development of precision medicine.

  • Latest clinical and industry development on cellular immunotherapy
  • CRISPR-powered search engine for disease detection
  • AI, genomics, and biological information together promote personalized medicine