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Barcoded Magnetic Beads (BMB): a highly accurate, cost effective platform technology for multiplex molecular or immuno assay
MDx 3000: Automatic High Throughput High Multiplex Diagnostic System
Infectious Disease Testing Kit
Cooperation projects and needs
Public health and disease outbreak control

Bora Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Bora Pharmaceutical Laboratories Inc.(formerly known as Impax Laboratories Taiwan Inc.) is your reliable partner based in Asia excels in drug product contract development with various drug delivery technology, oral solid dosage and solvent manufacturing, and packaging that meets DSCAS track and trace serialization requirements. Bora Pharmaceutical Laboratories also offers analytical testing services, drug product in-licensing, market sales and distribution.

Diamond BioFund Inc.

Diamond BioFund Inc. is the largest fund dedicated to biotechnology innovation and also the first evergreen fund in Taiwan, managing assets worth over 260 million USD.
We invited 5 companies from new drugs development, medical devices, diagnostics, and innovative healthcare services in healthcare areas, including 3D Global Biotech,
StemCyte, SINEW PHARMA, CHO PHARMA and TeTanTi to join Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO.
In addition, three major members of Microbio Group, Microbio Co., Ltd. with two successful drug approvals by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Oneness Biotech Co., Ltd.
and FOUNTAIN BIOPHARMA will also participate in this event.

EirGenix Inc.

EirGenix has core capacity in R&D and manufacturing, producing biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP standard, and has 7 products undergoing development.

1. Service:
(1) Cell Line Development & Cell Banking Service
(2) Contract Development & Manufacturing Service
(3) Contract Research (CRO) & QC analysis Service
(4) Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) service (Partnering with Formosa Laboratories, Ltd.)

2. Product Pipeline:
(1) EG12014 (Trastuzumab Biosimilar)
(2) EG1206X (Pertuzumab Biosimilar)
(3) EG13074 (New Formulation)
(4) FP0110 (EG12043) (Antibody-Drug Conjugate)
(5) EG12021 (Biosimilar)
(6) EG74032 (Carrier Protein)
(7) EG6205X (Biosimilar)
Cooperation projects and needs
1.We are looking for customers who need service of Contract Development & Manufacturing of biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP.
2.We are looking for partners who need potential biologics in development for further collaboration and investment.


EXTEDO is a leading software solutions and services provider in the field of Electronic Submissions (e.g. eCTD) and Regulatory Information Management. We focus on optimizing our clients’ eRegulatory business processes and are the only vendor that provides solutions covering the entire regulatory landscape.​​

Our EXTEDOsuite combines innovation with compliance, and quality with usability. Whether planning & tracking, product registration, submission publishing and lifecycle management, pharmacovigilance management and drug safety; we optimize every eRegulatory business process.

Today, EXTEDO enables more than 35 regulatory authorities and 850 maintained customers across 60 countries to deliver Effortless Compliance™. Our clients range from small CROs to large multi-national pharmaceutical organizations, and we cover industries from biotech to homeopathics, and medical devices to crop sciences.

Our mission of Effortless Compliance™ ensures that organizations are able to spend more time doing the things they want to do, rather than the things they have to do.​

For more information visit www.extedo.com.

Golden Biotechnology Corp.

Invitation to Seminar: ( Free )
2018/11/30(Fri.) 11:30-12:00. Nang Kang Exhibi.Center Hall 1. 4th Floor Room 404 . Speaker: Peini Chen, M.D.
Topic: Antroquinonol - Innovative New Drug Research and Clinical Studies in Cancers and Chronic Diseases.
Booth No.: K1112
Golden Biotechnology Corporation (GBC) is a leading and innovative drug discovery and evidence-based healthy food supplement manufacturing company dedicated to enhancing lives by developing high quality products that prevent and treat diseases.
GBC’s main focus is on new drug R&D, IP right, pharmacology, toxicology and clinical studies. In 2015 GBC was granted 3 Orphan Drug Designations by US FDA for treating of Pancreatic Cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Hepatocellular Carcinoma . In 2016 GBC completed first stage of Phase II trial of NSCLC . In 2016 GBC was awarded ‘Winner of the Advance Queensland - Johnson & Johnson Innovation QuickFire Challenge’ for new drug of Alzheimer's Disease. In 2017, Pancreatic Cancer Orphan Drug Designation by EU EMA. Golden Biotechnology Corp. (GBC) received FDA IND approval to execute a safety and effectiveness trial of Antroquinonol combined with current standard of care (SOC ) in first line treatment for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Great Boos Group

Functrional Cosmetics, health food, The auxiliary equipment, Physical exercise device

Insilico Taiwan Ltd.

Will provide to you later

Johnpro Biotech Inc.

【Oncology Drug Development】
JP001 505(b)2 new drug Phase II/III Glioblastoma

【Cell Therapy】
Ex-vivo development of tumor-specific T-cells with BsAb

【Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia for Cancer Therapy】
Altering tumor microenvironment and triggering apoptosis in cancer cells.