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AdvMeds Co., Ltd.

Smart Health Station is an All-in-One self-service device, which provides self-management service of blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight. Logging with your own smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, you can immediately link with your own health data within seconds. Analysis results can be shared with your friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message, forming a self-healthcare circle. These continuous data can also be important information for doctors while receiving medication treatment. Knowing your own health condition anytime anywhere is absolutely a smarter way of living and an unstoppable trend of nowadays.

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TaiGen Biotechnology

Taigexyn,non-fluorinated broad-spectrum antibiotic,effective against Gram –positive and Gram-negative bacteria including MRSA, QR-MRSA, VRE. Excellent safety profile compare to other marketed quinolones,less likely to lead to resistance development。 Available in both oral and intravenous formulations for easy transition from hospital to out-patient。
Furaprevir,potent NS3/4A protease inhibitor,anchor in HCV Cocktail Regiment。 Effective against all six genotypes of HCV. Can be used with standard of care (peg-interferon + ribavirin) or other direct acting antivirals (DAAs). The combination of TG-2349 (Furaprevir, NS3/4A protease inhibitor)+HEC DAG-181 (Yimitasvir , NS5A inhibitor) has already completed Phase I in China and initiated Phase II trial in November 2017.