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Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent home system
Electronic medical wearable products
Smart care system
Blood pressure heart rate detection

RayYung Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Professional / Accurate / Featured Medical Services, Cell Therapy Consulting, Main Business: 1. Provide cell therapy related preparation products and information 2. Provide professional medical human resources (professional cell therapy specialist, nursing, personal exclusive health manager) 3. Cell Therapist\\\'s physician/expert second opinion consultation 4. International medical/sightseeing medical service 5. Personalized health check professional planning 6. Sub-health, anti-aging medical service

ablue Co.,Ltd.

Innovative posture corrector chair \\\"Curble Chair\\\"
Comfortable and healthy
daily life in various places

Academia Sinica

Academia Sinica
National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP)
Taiwan Biobank
Taiwan Mouse Clinic
National Core Facility for Biopharmaceuticals
Resident Companies of NBRP
Value-Added MedChem Innovation Center
Excelsior Biopharma Inc. / Excelsior Pharmatech Labs.
Pharmaessentia Corp.

AccuBioMed Co., Ltd.

Automated DNA/RNA Purification Systems
Liquid Biopsy and Solid Biopsy
Molecular Diagnostics

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Automated DNA/RNA Purification System
2. Liquid Biopsy and Solid Biopsy
3. Molecular Diagnostics

Acer Healthcare Inc.

Acer has developed the medical and healthcare AI for a while; we will showcase the new products and technologies: Wellness Hub, Coronary Risk Assessment, VeriSee DR, Abdominal organ and disease detection for ultrasound.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. VeriSee DR would like to cooperate with the ophthalmic industry and diabetes care network to ensure the eye health of diabetics.
2. Wellness Hub would like to cooperate with hospitals, clinics, community care centers and home health care related operators.
3. We would like to cooperate with manufacturers of ultrasound imaging system and wearable medical devices.


Mentor breast implant/Stratafix/MICROAIRE/MATRIX/M.D RESOURCE/Stratafix3D

ACT Genomics

ACTOnco®+、ACTDrug®+、ACTFusion™ 、ACTBRCA® /ACTBRCA ® HRD、ACTMonitor®
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Clinical Services
provide cancer genomic profiling to enable personalized treatment plan.

2. Biomarker Discovery
provide cancer genomic profiling to facilitate biomarker discovery. Customized assay is available.
3. CDx Development
offer companion diagnostic development on NGS-based or CHIP-based multiplex qPCR platforms.

AcuSolutions Inc

AcuOnPath is a powerful device that rapidly delivers the histology image for surgical margin or cancer biopsy examination. FF-OCT with AcuSolutions’ unique and patented techniques, AcuOnPath can provide a high resolution pseudo H&E image at cell nucleus level in few minutes. In cancer treatment and diagnosis, AcuOnPath can help clinicians and pathologists to visualize the excision margins and cancer tissue.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request for clinical trial opportunities and academic research cooperation.
2. Seeking business collaboration and investors.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc.

1. FDA Device Master File (MAF) registered medical grade biodegradable 3D printing materials. 2. Medical implant manufacturing service: One-stop-shop tailor-made product design service.