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RayYung Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Professional / Accurate / Featured Medical Services, Cell Therapy Consulting, Main Business: 1. Provide cell therapy related preparation products and information 2. Provide professional medical human resources (professional cell therapy specialist, nursing, personal exclusive health manager) 3. Cell Therapist\\\'s physician/expert second opinion consultation 4. International medical/sightseeing medical service 5. Personalized health check professional planning 6. Sub-health, anti-aging medical service


Mentor breast implant/Stratafix/MICROAIRE/MATRIX/M.D RESOURCE/Stratafix3D

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

ACRO Biomedical employs a unique and proprietary supercritical carbon dioxide fluid platform technology to produce decellular native collagen scaffolds. These decellular native collagen scaffolds were used in the production of medical devices, wound care products and plastic surgery related products, including collagen matrix, collagen bone graft, and collagen membrane. Scar care products include scar spray, scar care dressing, scar gel and external aesthetic restoration prosthesis. In addition, we manufacture collagen implants, these are the main products for the display in this exhibition. ACRO Biomedical mainly focuses on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Currently, we are developing the range of products with decellular organ scaffolds along with human stem cells.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc.

1. FDA Device Master File (MAF) registered medical grade biodegradable 3D printing materials. 2. Medical implant manufacturing service: One-stop-shop tailor-made product design service.


aHOP CO., LTD helped lots of Taiwanese hospitals successfully adopting UDI system for enhancing medical device management.

We offer completed UDI adopting program, professional consultant and series of training for medical staffs and medical device suppliers.
Within four-day exhibition, you can see the completed UDI system, especially UDI smart set, which got the reward held by Joint Commission of Taiwan. Welcome to visit us!


surgical gown,OR wrappers,OR drapes,OR shoes
color coded bags,isolation gown


1. Medical Peripheral Components 2. Connector、Waterproof Connector
3. Precision Molds & processing Parts 4. Wire Assembly 、 Auto Controller 5. Wireless Communication 6. Precision Machine Design & Manufacturing


1. Medical textiles: surgical gowns and hand-washing cloths, cloths, cave towels and various medical consumables in accordance with EN 13795.
2. Dust-free textiles: Provides all grades of clean textiles in the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry. The product range includes dust-free coat shoes, dust-free accessories and various clean room cleaning products.
3. Innovative intelligent medical care products: Innovative smart care products that combine temperature control and electrotherapy functions, intelligent heat control with temperature control, positioning and fall detection function; innovative products such as temperature-controlled intelligent eye mask and smart mask
Invite you to experience AFC's professional R&D capabilities, comprehensive medical-grade test equipment and rigorous testing and management capabilities.

BenQ Medical Technology Corporation

Ultrasound、Surgical Table、Surgical Light、iQOR Integrated System、Dialysis Disposables、3D Integrated Implant Service、Medical Consumable、Hearing aid、Medical aesthetic devices、Medical Display、Smart Healthcare Solution
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel

Biomdcare Corporation

Biomdcare focuses on developing AI driven medical devices, including AI screening assistant for Osteoporosis, Cervical Cancer, Blood Cancer, and Sarcopenia, and autonomous clinic and medical vehicles. Having worked with more than twenty hospitals in Taiwan, Volkswagen Group has also adopted our solution, and Biomdcare is proud and honored to be awarded SMEs Innovation Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2018.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Collaboration on "All-In-One Medical Image AI Training Software"
2. Collaboration on "Self-Developed AI Algorithm & Clinical AI Screening Assistant"
3. Collaboration on "Disease Management System"