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Thomson Bio-energy Tech Co., Ltd.

BioPower light wave far infrared wood flooring 1. Far infrared energy is continuously released for 20 years 2. National testing unit certification 3. Product safety and no radiation 4. Green and environmentally friendly patented processing technology Patent Certificate of the Republic of China: New Model No. M571702 Energy Floor Mat Device for Flooring ITRI ​​far-infrared detection-bio-light wave far-infrared wooden board, the average far-infrared emissivity is 0.846 National Ocean University Laboratory Far Infrared Detection-Biological Light Wave Far Infrared Wooden Board The average far infrared emissivity is 0.91 【Product specifications】 Product name: Light wave far infrared floor Size: calculated based on square footage Shipping fee: Shipping fee is extra Material: Bio-light far infrared ray, wooden floor (super wear-resistant floor, island floor, solid wood floor) Patented font size: Taiwan New Patent No. M571702 Energy Floor Mat Structure for Flooring Taiwan Model Patent No. M512413 Mainland China New Patent No. ZL 201520479083.7 Far infrared 3~15um spectrum average emissivity: 84.6% (tested by the Institute of Energy and Resources, Industrial Technology Research Institute) Performance: Oscillation frequency 3~30 MHz (THZ) per second Energy radiation distance: within about 20cm Radioactive Radiation Testing: Safe to Pass Inspection



Dolphin vacuum cleaner with water filtration is one of the most through ways of cleaning.


1. "SeizureFinder" Software
2. "SeizurExplorer" Electroencephalograph and Cortical Stimulator System
3. "VISION" Retinal Prosthesis System


A-PLUS LIVING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. has two product lines:
1.Ginseng powder and ginseng flower
2.Herbal transdermal patch
These products are awesome for health,and originated from ancient Chinese pharmacology.
We sincerely look forward to your visit!


Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. mainly offers sustainable, eco-friendly, and functional textile yarns. Our Acenature dept. develops and markets all kinds of functional textile products and expects to reach market needs and provide excellent products worldwide for a better living experience. Thus, we develop innovative technical functional products for body and health care. (1) AceVitality health care series: Far-infrared and thermal features can protect the elderly group. (Clothes, Knee Brace, wrist bands, socks.) (2) AceHygeia Textile series: Bacteriostatic and odor-resistant features. (3) Ready-meal food series, made with real ingredients and authentic flavors. No burden on the body.

Acer Medical In.

Founded in 2018, Acer Medical is the first subsidiary under the Acer Group to focus on preventive medicine.
Leveraging our expertise in ICT, we specialize in AI and big data analytics with a focus on Preventive Medicine. Our journey began with diagnostic medical imaging and subsequently expanded to medical device software, hardware integration solutions, and healthcare management innovations.
Through interdisciplinary collaborations across medical and healthcare sectors, we seamlessly embed AI in the medical landscape, empowering healthcare providers to enhance and realize the goals of “Health Promotion," “Disease Prevention," and “Medical Care."
We welcome everyone to come and visit!

ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

ACRO Biomedical develops and produces biomaterial medical devices for human tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM). ACRO Biomedical uses its proprietary supercritical CO₂ extraction technology to remove cells, fat and non-collagenous proteins from animal tissues, while keeping the undiminished collagen scaffold as the biomaterial for high-end medical devices in the medical regenerative field of wound care, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, aesthetic microsurgery, cardiovascular and neural surgery, etc.

ACT Genomics Co., LTD

ACT Genomics is an internationally recognized award-winning cancer solution provider. Combining our expertise in the fields of cancer genomics and bioinformatics with our cutting-edge technologies, we are able to assist medical practitioners and scientists with genomics-driven recommendations and data for cancer treatment strategy and discovery.

Acura Tech Limited Taiwan Branch

1. 拋棄式, R-use微創電子醫療手術線 / 醫療設備 / 醫療相關配件 / 高射頻導線, 消融導線/血管導線.
2. 生理監控/ 血氧監控類導線
3. 診斷類/ 內視鏡組裝
4. 管材類 / PEEK ,Silicon ,PEBAX ,TPU ,PVC單腔,多腔, 螺旋管, 加強管
5. ISO 13485, FDA, 潔淨室製造