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Aiello Inc.

The Vocol AI Voice Collaboration Platform combines Voice and Collaboration, incorporating various large language models (LLMs) and utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to provide more accurate speech-to-text content for both individual and enterprise users. It generates AI-generated transcripts, summaries, and topic analysis, ultimately enhancing team collaboration efficiency and creating actionable insights for each conversation. Vocol offers speech recognition in three languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese, automatically detects different speakers, and supports transcription in over 25 other languages seamlessly. It integrates with third-party online meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, addressing cross-tool integration needs. Additionally, it facilitates team communication through features like sharing, commenting, and member annotations, thus improving overall work efficiency and serving as an ideal solution for digital transformation across various industries. For healthcare needs, such as administrative meetings, psychological counseling, rounds, and remote consultations, Vocol rapidly produces conversation transcripts and AI summaries. This not only saves healthcare professionals a significant amount of time in information gathering and consolidation but also provides record-keeping for future analysis and reference in medical facilities.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Hong Kong – Taiwan Branch

1. Elderly care with limited mobility. Friendly door lock solution
2. Intelligent key management system
3. Access control wireless door lock
4. Non-contact sensor door opening solution

AUO Care Inc.

1. AI care as a service 2.Safety monitoring solution 3.Function training solution

AUO Health Inc.

【Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection Solution】Built upon high-precision multi-point array pressure sensing technology, this solution utilizes computer-controlled vertical movement with utmost precision to faithfully replicate the "lifting, pressing, and searching" actions of finger pulse diagnosis, thus restoring the palpation techniques of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Additionally, employing a specialized display, a color restoration algorithm accurately reproduces tongue colors for precise display.

AUO Health provides both standardized and digitized equipment for pulse and tongue diagnosis, ensuring calibration and reliability. When paired with a data analysis platform, this system rapidly organizes complex, multivariate data, conducts trend analysis, and performs pattern comparisons. This assists professionals in the field of traditional Chinese medicine by providing them with a dependable digital tool for clinical research, educational inheritance, and diagnostic support. Furthermore, it holds the potential for future applications in big data analysis and AI.

Avalue Technology Incorporation

1: Elevating In-hospital Healthcare through Contactless Vital Sign Monitoring Twins System: SmartCaring T60 revolutionize patient care and safety through the integration of non-intrusive vital sign remote sensor, medical grade panel PC, ensuring immediate emergency response, and combine digital monitoring twins concept with AI for COPD/Pneumonia/Sleep Apnoea Detection. 2: Leveraging AI Facial Tracking with Medical PTZ to Enhance ICU Care and Advanced Patient Monitoring : Reducing Mortality Risk through Continuous ICU Camera Monitoring with Powerful Panel PC - Addressing Manpower Shortages, Enhancing Efficiency 3: Empowering Osteoporosis Screening at the Edge of AI with AIO : With our powerful and scalable AI edge, we together transform the disease detection process and deliver the healthcare services with more precision and efficiency to extend the public awareness of Osteoporosis

Bauer Group Company

Smart Locker / Smart Cabinet /Smart Drawer

Crystalvue Medical Corporation

Crystalvue Medical Corporation devotes to supply high quality, fully automatic ophthalmic and optometry products, including Fundus Camera, Tonometer with Pachymetry, Lens Edger, 3D Tracer, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), Biometer, etc. Every Crystalvue product comes with superior image capturing and processing, reliable measuring, intuitive 1-tap operation interface, and fully automatic. Crystalvue is your most trusted quality partner for medical, eye care and ophthalmic services with no compromise.

Cypress Technology Co., Ltd.

CYP Medical imaging solutions comply with standard PACS implementations and is able to process multiple images, videos and data. To integrate with various medical images devices includes ultrasound endoscope, vital sign and so on. Beyond the capture of images, video and data, our software provides for advanced operations such as I/O switching, zoom in and out, PiP, PoP etc.
Nowadays, the visualization of medical surgery images are even more important than medical digital data in clinical practice. With the transition of traditional endoscopic to minimally invasive surgical robotic, 3D endoscopic lens is devoted to advance the medical imaging of minimally invasive surgery. With no doubt, effective 3D visualization can more intuitively assist the surgeon with the Pre-operative Simulation, Intraoperative Assistance and Post-operative Training.
Following solutions will be displayed on the show.
Medical Situation Room
Hybrid Operation Room
3D Medical Images

Foxwell Certification Co., Ltd.

Foxwell Certification Int. is a third-party certificate company in Taiwan, located in the north of Taipei city. Our business field includes ISO 14064-1, ISO14064-2, ISO 14067, ISO50001, environmental social corporate governance (ESG) reports, task force on climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD), and science-based targets initiative (SBTi). We aim to build a systematic and documentary management methodology. We are not only to reduce small-middle enterprises' costs and operating processes but also to create a decarbonization structure.
Foxwell Certification Int. is a subsidiary of the Foxlink group. The core value and mission present "One Better the Earth", "SDGs in Action", "Professional Green Energy Solution", and "Leading LNG supplier". We own abundant expertise in engineering fields and innovative technology to service customers. We focus on an ESG industrial ecosystem such as forest carbon credits, set energy storage technology, and operate a green energy trading platform.

Galaxy Software Services

GSS has been deeply involved in the medical industry for many years and continues to provide e-solutions for the medical industry, from medical evaluation management to data warehousing, medical data analysis, and KPI management. In recent years, GSS has also launched a dialogue service platform, hoping to assist the digital optimization of the medical industry.