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AISOL Technology Corporation

AISOL Technology Corporation offers professional CAE simulation solutions, and with the rise of smart healthcare, we are expanding our services into the digital medical field to provide the most advanced solutions for the medical industry!

Our solutions:
1. Simpleware 3D Image Processing Platform
• Image includes: CT, MRI, Micro-CT, Ultrasound, 2D X-Ray, 3D and 4D DICOM, 2D image stacks, RAW...

• AI-driven automatic segmentation of patient's 3D images
• Surgical planning and implant design
• Development for medical platforms
• Compliance with international standards (U.S. FDA 510(k), EU CE Mark, ISO 13485:2016)

2. Ansys FE Simulation for Human

• Multi-physics simulation
• Biomechanical simulation
• Brain impact simulation
• Stent structure simulation
• Cardiac electrophysiology simulation
• MRI electromagnetic simulation
• Blood fluid simulation
• Respiratory tract fluid simulation

Human Organ types:
• Head/Brain
• Orthopedic
• Heart and vascular
• Respiratory system
• Other organs

Deep01 Limited

DeepCT: AI detection and analytics software for brain CT images

Animage: Cloud based PACS

Freedom Systems

Freedom Systems as an IT managed service provider, we help more than 300 customers initiate their digital transformation journey and has achieved significant outcome. To move on to the next generation, now we are focusing on providing security service to customers. The main objective is to keep its business assets such as transaction data, customers information etc. The most important of all, to minimized business impact and reduce its cost.

GeneOnline Asia Inc

GeneOnline is a prominent B2B information and media company within the life science sector. Our mission is to catalyze life science business opportunities through B2B exposure and data platforms. We proudly operate as the foremost life science media outlet in Asia, delivering insights into industry trends, and research focal points, and engaging interviews with key opinion leaders in multiple languages.

In addition to our authoritative media presence, we offer a cutting-edge AI-powered industry database that expedites the deal-sourcing processes for life science executives and investors. As a leading biotech media source, we delve deep into the realm of biopharma, featuring comprehensive KOL interviews and the latest reports on market trends and research breakthroughs.

Our target audience encompasses academics, biopharma professionals, and medical experts. Our comprehensive coverage is accessible through multimedia channels in both English and Chinese. Beyond news reporting, we are renowned for hosting international biotech conferences held in various global locations, including the US, Japan, and China. Our expertise lies in conducting insightful interviews with eminent KOLs. For top-tier biotech insights and partnering opportunities, explore our articles and coverage at: https://geneonline.com/.

HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC)

HippoScreen\\\'s Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) System developed using depression EEG data collected through collaboration with three major medical centers in Taiwan, includes an EEG amplifier for data collection and signal processing, a GUI for test process control, and an AI algorithm for data analysis. It records 90-second brainwave signals to analyze with AI algorithm, and then provides objective and quantifiable stress evaluation index and intuitive data distribution maps in the assessment report. With this report it can assist doctors to provide more efficient and accurate diagnosis. SEA system is designed to be a powerful AI tool for professional medical personnel in mental health screening.

HuiJia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Huijia Health with patented core technology- Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT®) and Smart Care System using the principle of total reflection of optical fiber, there is no electromagnetic field change (no electromagnetic wave) in each action. It is a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy physiological sensor that can monitor changes in physiological activities such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep analysis, and activity status. Product applications include smart (bed) films, smart beds, smart wheelchair cushions, smart assistive devices, smart care system for taking care a lot of elders and babies at the same time, etc.



Institute for Information Industry

Tuberculosis Lesion Detection and Recognition for Chest X-rays
Fracture Detection and Recognition for Wrist X-rays
Breast Lesion Detection and Recognition in Mammogram
Mammography Quality Evaluation, MQE

Intelligent Jet Biomedical co.,Ltd

VR/MR Digital Medical Imaging System Holoeyes Azure Transforming Traditional Hospital CT and MRI Devices\\\' 2D Monochrome Images (Dicom) into VR/MR Stereoscopic Color Medical Images Applications include 1. Storage (Database), 2. Clinical (Outpatient/Preoperative Simulation/Intraoperative Assistance), and 3. Education (Remote Teaching/Simulation Training/Surgery Live Broadcast).

Internet Information Corporation

Leading HR service solution provider in Taiwan - Internet Information Corporation Over 27 years experiences in software industry. TWSE is one of our long-term reference client for 25+ years. We offer HR solutions and BPM system for clients from a variety of industries, for instance, health care, finance, manufacturing, catering, education and retail etc..