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Dolphin vacuum cleaner with water filtration is one of the most through ways of cleaning.


A-PLUS LIVING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. has two product lines:
1.Ginseng powder and ginseng flower
2.Herbal transdermal patch
These products are awesome for health,and originated from ancient Chinese pharmacology.
We sincerely look forward to your visit!


AmLife International Co., Ltd. is a sleep health expert spanning 6 countries. It continuously cooperates with international sleep medicine authorities to promote sleep activities. It has set up factories in Japan to develop professional medical equipment, combines Japanese potential therapy with bedding, and is committed to helping everyone Everyone can enjoy high-quality sleep, create health from sleep, improve insomnia and other chronic diseases, and improve the quality of life. This time, a professional medical team was stationed at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition, bringing the latest cardiovascular arteriosclerosis testing, microcirculation testing and professional doctor consultation services worth NT$4,500, free of charge to check people\\\'s cardiovascular health and sleep, and 90 seconds You know your cardiovascular health. Professional sleep caregivers and potential therapists are on site to serve, and DeepZleep smart sleep regiments are provided for the public to experience and immediately see improvements in their cardiovascular conditions.


【Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence】 1. Scientific golden ratio makes every drop a rare essence. 1-1. Best source: Only silver perches with traceability are selected to ensure safety. Toxin-free fish with traceability, raised by contracted farmers. 1-2. Cells Alive System technology: Keeping the fish as fresh as freshly-caught. 1-3. Cross-disciplinary cooperation of experts in the industry and academia: 36 formula trials to form a golden ratio. 1-4. Comprehensive nutrients: The essence contains 18 amino acids(including 8 essential amino acids), small molecules can be easily absorbed. 1-5. Zero burden: No antibiotics/ No animal medication/ No pesticide residues/ No preservative/ No plasticizer/ No artificial flavoring 1-6. Strict tests: Tests are performed by the 3rd party to ensure nutrition and safety.


BIONET is the first publicly listed company in Taiwan specializing in cell therapy that possesses the core technology and preparation capabilities of medical-grade cell therapy products. The company not only applies cells to more than 60 types of diseases but also provides exosome services. In addition, The Mesenchymal Stem Cell bank was established in 2005. Under the special regulations for cell therapy by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, approved treatments include the use of adipose-derived stem cells for osteoarthritis and chronic wounds, and immune cells (CIK) for the treatment of various cancers such as colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer.

CareMore Internatinal Inc.

CareMore International Inc.



Chloex Biotech Co., Ltd

We have developed ultrasound extraction equipment and natural green solvents for the extraction of plant active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our techniques could be applied for the extraction of API in medicinal plants depending on the different polarity of phytochemicals. Recently, the research in natural products and herbal medicine is becoming more and more important and hence the extraction instrumentation platform developed by our team can be applied in mass production process of botanical drugs.

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Kitchen Smoke protection
:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Industry Protection
:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for PM2.5 Protection

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was founded in 1971 in France by a group of doctors and journalists in the wake of war and famine in Biafra, Nigeria. Their aim was to establish an independent organization that focused on delivering emergency medical humanitarian aid quickly, effectively, and impartially.

Three hundred volunteers made up the organization when it was founded, including doctors, nurses, logistics experts, and other staff, including the 13 founding members. MSF was established on the belief that all people should have access to high quality health care, regardless of gender, race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. From the start, our teams made a commitment not just to care for patients but to bear witness to their experiences and speak out to call attention to the problems driving emergency needs.

Over the past five decades, MSF has grown from a group of a few hundred volunteers to an international movement of more than 63,000 staff providing over 10 million medical consultations in more than 70 countries every year. But the core values of humanitarianism, independence, neutrality, and impartiality that brought those original members together in 1971 continue to drive our work.