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Asia Pacific Lovaty Cosmeceutical Corporation

Asia Pacific Lovaty established a brand Derma-Xpert (DXP) since 1999, exclusively offer dermatology, aesthetic clinics, salon & SPA an innovative of provides aesthetic / dermo-cosmetic skincare product. WE PROVIDE Dr. Probioty Skin Repair Series :A skin care regimen for relieving sensitive skin. Specially designed for Rosacea and long-term sensitive and reddened skin. AQP Moisturizing Series :Self-circulating ultimate and long-lasting moisturizing series Dermapeel SOS Instant Repair Series :Postoperative Skin Care Solution for Aesthetic Lasers and Chemical Peeling Vitamedic Vitamin Series: Supplement with Essential Skin Vitamins. DMP Acne & Pigment Managing Series :Professional skin care products designed for acne, large pores and other skin, which can improve the effect of skin peeling. Sun Brella sunscreen : Broad spectrum SPF50 protection & light. PA++++ ★★★★ Effectively blocks ultraviolet rays UVAⅠ-UVAⅡ-UVB, 98% effective sun protection


The National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) provides the first ecosystem platform for biomedical research on a national level. With the joint participation of industry, government, universities and national research labs, the NBRP aims to accelerate completion timelines for new drug development, with the ultimate goal of enhancing human health and welfare. As a coherent engine driving R&D for new pharmaceuticals, the NBRP has built a bio-corridor for academic research and industrial development that maximizes efficiency across value chains.

Charsire Biotechnology Corp.

Since establishment, Charsire Biotech. has been committed to the research and development of topically applied botanical preparation. With 20 years of experience in development of topical preparations and the US FDA quality guideline for botanical drugs , Charsire optimally arranges and manages the production process from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products. Also, the main ingrediants sources of Sanovazo comes from soybean. Soybean is not only a stable source, but also easy to obtain and have a reasonable price, which makes the cost of Sanovazo quite competitive. Sanovazo trauma dressing is one of the few products for caring for the side effects of radiotherapy. In terms of clinical efficacy, it can effectively minimize the side effects of radiation therapy on the skin. The safety of Sanovazo trauma dressing has completed the pre-clinical toxicology study for topical new drugs. Sanovazo has highly completed its functionality and safety.


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HealthBanks Biomedical Co., Ltd

Healthbanks Biomedical is the pioneer for Umbilical Cord Tissue Cryopreservation ( patented UCT Technology) which was introduced via AABB journal in 2016. We have successfully developed UCT III Plus Technology which preserved therapeutic properties of MSCs for regenerative medicine. Also, the vascular cells from UCT III Plus cryopreserved umbilical cord (UC) may retain the normal cellular viability and activities, suggesting that UCT III Plus Technology may be beneficial for UC cryopreservation and further MSC and vascular cell therapy applications.

Invitrocue (Hong Kong) Ltd

WHO ARE WE : Invitrocue is an innovative life sciences company that supports decision making for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry using our proprietary 3D cell culture technology. We were founded in 2012, aimed to commercialize proprietary 3D cell culture technology developed at A*STAR’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, and the Genome Institute of Singapore. In 2019, we developed and started providing a 3D Patient-Derived Organoids Technology under the trade name of Onco-PDO Test as a result of a partnership with A*STAR´s Genome Institute of Singapore. In 2019, we developed a humanized mice model for preclinical research in partnership with A*STAR’s Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB). PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WE ARE OFFERING INCLUDE :- Onco-PDO™ Test Preclinical efficacy and safety Assessment Humanized technologies OUR OBJECTIVE To develop predictive in vitro and in vivo models that enable the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to create better, faster and more affordable disease treatments for a healthier society.

Medzoneasia Co., Ltd.

Min-Sheng Smart Medical City was established in 2022, located between Zhong-Zheng Road and Min-Sheng Road in the Taoyuan Train Station business district, and about a 6-minute walk from the train station.
The Smart Medical City intergrades the concepts of artificial intelligence and healthy lifestyle to provide multiple and innovative services including clinics, accommodation, health supplements, etc. Everyone could enjoy the one-stop healthcare via their mobile phones.

Min-Sheng General Hospital

Asia\\\'s Leading Healthcare Ecosystem

Norda Co., Ltd

Precise Micro Volume Metering Pump:Precise micro volume pumps use a stepping motor or servo motor to drive the ceramic plungers for metering: ensure a stable and precise output volume. The output tolerance is maintained within ±0.5%. Suitable for dispensing various liquids with different viscosity, and can be widely used in dispensing contact lenses glue, medical reagents, and various medical and biochemical.

Nordson EFD: Nordson EFD products are widely used in medical life science and pharmaceutical. Suitable for biomaterial dispensing.

Panion & BF Biotech Inc.

New Drug, Cosmetheutical, IVD, Disinfection, Precision Medicine