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AUO Display Plus Corporation

AUO Display Plus is the industrial and commercial display subsidiary of AUO Corporation. We offer a complete end-to-end display service, from R&D, through to sales and customer service. AUO Display Plus picks up the baton from AUO, leveraging 20 years of experience to provide a comprehensive range of products to customers worldwide. Headquartered in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, the company operates global offices in Mainland China, Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Changbin Show Chwan Memorial Hospital

Connecting People, Working Together

Chi Mei Medical Center

1.The Smart Chemotherapy Compounding Robot
2.The Smart Surgery Room Dashboard
3.Automatic Drug Dispensing
4.A Personalized Precision Surgical Anesthesia Risk Prediction System Based on Healthcare Big Data
5.The Intelligent Moxibustion Box
6.The comprehensive genomic profiling for liquid biopsy
7.The virtual consultation room
8.urgical gauze multi-function (counting, weighing) automatic counting barrels
9.A Multi-line Holder with Built-in Angle Alignment Features
10.Various decompression devices
11.OMO online merge Offline

China Medical University & Healthcare System

China Medical University Hospital works in close collaboration with the world’s top universities, medical centers, and research institutes. The remarkable accomplishments of China Medical University have been well recognized by the world: ranks 60th in Asia University Rankings 2019, the first among private universities in Taiwan.
CMU Healthcare System strives for excellence in healthcare. We invest our efforts in developing top-notch medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and AI Hospital. Meanwhile, our projects on “Hsinchu International Health Science Park” and the “Shuinan International Health Science Campus” together create an environment for developing cutting edge biomedical research, industry-academia collaboration platforms and startups.
As frontline in central Taiwan, CMUH continues to build on a strong basis for acute and critical disease healthcare. The faculty are committed to permanent objectives of instruction, research, and medical services. Above all, we also put great emphasis on social responsibility. Moreover, we envision to be an “excellent world-class medical center with the best integration of western and Chinese medical” and “world-renowned high-tech biomedical park.”


● This product helps conduct auto contouring for radiation oncology treatment planning. ● The product automatically delineates head-and-neck organs-at-risk (OARs) on CT images. This auto-contouring of OARs is intended to facilitate radiation therapy workflows and help reduce the time of treatment planning. ● TFDA medical equipment license ,DOH-MD-No. 007449 ● USFDA Premarket Notification, 510(k), No. K220264

Ever Supreme Bio Technology Co.,Ltd.

New Drug Development: Focus on immune cell therapies (CAR-T、ADCV、GDT)treating cancers and umbilical mesenchymal stem cell treating myocardial infarction, stroke, MS, COVID-19 and other major diseases. Cell Therapy CMO: Ever Supreme offers the cell products 〈ADCV、DC-CIK(WT1)、CIK、GDT〉needed by medical institution under the Regulations Governing Specific Cellular Therapeutic Technology of 2018 promogulated by Taiwan FDA.

Far Eas Tone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Far Eas Tone exhibit a new solution through 5G network and IoT technology, optimize the customer information and communication environment, can vertically integrate applications, and provide security and privacy related remote medical services. Realize the new vision of telemedicine for our customers.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Cell Therapy, Precision Medicine, Innovative Medicine, AI Technology in Healthcare, 5G Telemedicine, Telehealth, Smart Hospital, Smart Ward

Fu Jen Catholic University and Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital

Fu Jen Catholic University and Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital


G Clinic is a well-known medical care brand which is originated form Japan. Now the G Clinic is owned by Kuangli Bio-Tech Holdings Group. Since Japan has world-wide leading cell therapy application, this significantly influenced Taiwan regenerative medical practice and related regulation as well. G Clinic inherited Dr. Zheng-Wu Zeng experience who has long well practical cell therapy cases in Japan and teamed up with Dr. Chen, Yong Ren medical application experience in Taiwan. By providing the best medical services to our customers, G Clinic not only has Japan and Taiwan also established South East Asia medical team, accompanied medical wearable devices and AI medical technology.