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Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corp. mainly offers sustainable, eco-friendly, and functional textile yarns. Our Acenature dept. develops and markets all kinds of functional textile products and expects to reach market needs and provide excellent products worldwide for a better living experience. Thus, we develop innovative technical functional products for body and health care. (1) AceVitality health care series: Far-infrared and thermal features can protect the elderly group. (Clothes, Knee Brace, wrist bands, socks.) (2) AceHygeia Textile series: Bacteriostatic and odor-resistant features. (3) Ready-meal food series, made with real ingredients and authentic flavors. No burden on the body.

Finex Co., LTD. Taipei Branch

“WILMO”Electronic Nerve Stimulator


“Good Day” cares about chronic patients from the five aspects of life, including treatment, care, medication, exercise and nutrition, and provides content such as comorbidity information, patient interaction, and expert advice.

“Good Day” invites experts such as doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and nurses to interact with patients through videos, lectures, and activities, and also through e-newsletters providing information and column articles.

“Good Day” not only discusses a single disease, but also integrates the problem of comorbidity. We invite the patients and family members to join us!


Health.udn.com is the website of the United Daily News, also the health website with the most content in Taiwan.

We committed to becoming a transmitter of health knowledge. We believe that health care should not be blunt and boring, but should use a language that everyone can understand, so that more people can receive correct health knowledge. Therefore, we have constructed four oriented health knowledge systems:

The latest health trends: we have the most abundant medical and health news.

Professional medical information: we have drug encyclopedia, medical material encyclopedia, and expert column, so that readers can search for professional information.

Practical health information: Disease Encyclopedia provides the most practical disease information.

Friendly health services: online courses make health become implemented in practice.

We believe that health requires practice, and practice requires partners. We hope we came be a good partner in your healthy life, making your life healthier.

Laurel Enterprises Corporation

There are 3 highlights will be represented in Medical exhibition 2023.

1. Dietary clinical trials which are collaborated with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital showed the effect of adequate protein intake on body composition in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian consumers. The results of both studies will be presented at the exhibition.
2. Laurel Nutrilab will show seven new plant-based products. These products were designed to provide essential nutrients such as Vit D, Vit B12 and protein that are often deficient in a vegetarian diet. Therefore, each of our product enables customers to achieve their diet goal no matter their diet habit.
3. The achievement of the sports event hold in 2023. We cooperated with chain gym to provide participants aerobic exercise lessons, sports nutrition concept and our product, Nutri-kit, which provides adequate protein and dietary fiber. In the results, 95% of the participants had built the habit of healthy eating and exercising. This result will also be displayed in the exhibition.


MERIBANK BIOTECH CO., LTD is based on cell research technology and is gradually implemented into whole-person care, which is cell culture, isolation, in vitro expansion, detection and analysis, aseptic technology, imaging technology, and even the establishment and preservation of cell banks in bioengineering, we have whole-cell cycle project.

MERIBANK BIOTECH CO., LTD is also the first in Taiwan to introduce the US cell culture technology resources to set up a "Stem Cell Research and Storage Center" production plant. Through the research of nine core technologies, it has integrated and developed products in four major fields, becoming the most complete stem cell company in Taiwan.

Orient EuroPharma Co.,Ltd.

In response to the challenges posed by an aging society, the Nutrifuel team at Orient EuroPharma is proactively investing in the development and manufacturing of nutrition and functional healthcare products specifically tailored for the elderly. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life by promoting health maintenance and facilitating a healthy new chapter in life.